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I'm Doug Brown playoff spots in the east end playoff seeding in both conferences still to be decided in the last few days of the NBA regular season in the east five teams will settle three playoff spots. Right now. The heat are nine one game behind the pistons the heat lead the rafters today sixty seven sixty two halfway through the third quarter in the west the eighth playoff teams are set. But seating still undecided. The warriors could clinch the number one seat in the west would either a win tonight or a nugget loss the regular season ends Wednesday night. The college basketball season ends tomorrow night in Minneapolis with the national championship game between Virginia and Texas Tech. And there may not be a lot of points scored in this one ESPN's Jay Williams talking about fifteen in the country. I think it comes down to. Execute the best in debate will be first fifty gain that wins. And I still believe. The birth of Texas Tech's offense. I think that will give them just enough to win. Tonight, the women's national championship game in Tampa for Baylor. And Notre Dame coverage of that one at six eastern on ESPN from the NHL the sabers fire head coach Phil Housley after two seasons on the job. Sabres haven't made the playoffs since two thousand eleven Florida Panthers. Coach Buchner fire today after two seasons in which his team didn't make the playoffs. Nascar racing today in Bristol Tennessee with chase. Elliott's on the poll the playoffs begin this Saturday and both the rockets thunder are preparing for a post-season ride as they go head to head this Tuesday at nine Easter on ESPN radio and on the ESPN push ended by indeed. In summer. We have enough is Jim in this locker room right year to plan the final Monday night. Texas tech. On the front of Monday night. We just believed him leaving all year extraordinary job by all these players. But especially by crispier this day. We're good team think we deserve to be. The call courtesy of Westwood One radio network. Listen to on the Mike. Smith. I'm Michael each.

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