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To finish this with like a finger roll over somebody and he just slams it you're like oh oh that's right. This is ion types of things and then his second jump would be impressive for guard. Let alone somebody. Who's two hundred and eighty four hundred eight five pounds. I mean the second the second jump. Andrew is such a key term in nba scouting pilots. Explain what the second jump is. Because when i watched zion second jump. It's jump that anybody would be lucky to have as their first job absolutely so. Let's say he puts his shot up. And i'll use really go bear because they've had some good battles before rudy. Gobert goes up to block his show rudy blocks it or changes the shot of the rim when tsai on grabs the ball the second time his jump to get back up and get his second layup he's gonna get up quicker than rudy can reset. He's going to get a quicker than most. Nba guys can reset but his ability to get his own rebound and go back up so quickly so the other guy may be still on the floor is what makes him so special. Yeah i kind of want our listeners. Right now to like try to jump one time and then try to jump again and then again and just see how exhausted you get and zion is doing and what. You're explaining years that as everybody else gets tired. This dude seems to defy physics and this sort of physics equation around zion. I mean the concern from on. I think was that it was unsustainable. But the fact that he is doing this and seemingly andrew not really showing signs of the injury that was playing him last year. What does that tell us about. Zion right now house. The injury situation playing into any of us my favorite zion stat of the year. So far is thirty. Two point eight minutes per game. I think that might be the most important no matter what else. He does the rest of the year. I think that's the most important stat. So far for him is the fact that he hasn't had any restrictions. He's been healthy this year. And i think that when when you look back on this that's going to be the biggest thing because when you're that big and you're generating that much torque the maintenance that they are taking with him. The preventative maintenance goes a long way. Well part of that maintenance andrew that seems to get inordinate amount of attention is ions weight and as he continues to develop as he continues to handle the ball more. How does his weight and conditioning. All factor in it was such a big thing in new orleans that there was this rumor going around that zion williamson or chicken fingers at commander's palace one of these famous new orleans restaurants where you can get whatever you want. Whatever kind of creole food you want. It was it. Was that big of a rumor. People have been obsessed with this since he got one of my biggest stories at the newspaper before i started working at. Espn was a question from like an answer from zion telling him hey guys. I didn't have chicken fingers at commander's palace. They were for my little brother. That did almost as good as any other story. That's how obsessed people in general have been about zion's eating habits. His weight is conditioning but the conditioning now is going to be a key. How much point guard he can play. Stan van gundy has mentioned this so far. They love his conditioning. If they're gonna play him point guard. More point guard. Level conditioning in the nba is a little bit different than regular nba conditioning. And that's something. That's i on will still need to work on. If the pels wanna make points. I on a thing even more so deniability has so if a three hundred pound do like zion can basically gummy bear bounce like this here there everywhere over it over again. Where are we in terms of the trajectory of his potential as an nba player. You i remember talking to a few people before his his rookie year started and they mentioned he's going to have to make a lebron james level type of commitment to maintaining his body in order to continue on his trajectory. And if he does that. I could see him being a future. Mvp being the league team to a championship. And go from there are coming up. How to build the team.

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