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Who writes for Your Geeky board gaming listeners I run a youtube channel called Dibs on blue or I do board game tutorials and play throughs in American sign language but the videos are also voiced for hearing being people board gaming is becoming more accessible to all types of gamers. I'd love to get the word out and dibs on blue. Is there so more people can benefit from the channel and get into board gaming excellent work. Stephanie Jessop also Diva Carpenter Rights. You're always encouraging folks to do a thing so I did a thing done. A talk show where we talked to children's author so kids can see and hear from people right there books. It's called the van show. It's on Youtube and done through Austin Public Library okay so there's never a fee kids get to see that offers a real people and be inspired to write their own stories also fantastic work demo carpenter and they did. I think what you can do is email events ide- ten dot com just to let us know what you do and hopefully we can get the word out for you this episode of Sean Penn.. WHO's promoting the book doc Bob Honey Singh's. Jimmy cracked corn. We got to go to his house in Malibu and sat down with him and he was really kind and gracious and we don't really really wonderful chat and he has the sweetest dog in the world kind of like a maybe a golden lab but it just hung now with us the whole time and got snuggles and hugs and I just I just have to say. I hope it's not weird that I made just need to go from time to time. Just knock on Sean Penn's door. It'd be like can I just come in and dog and I want to get in the way hug. Your dog and I'm leaving. Just GonNa drive back into the city. Just maybe once a month from time to time so here's the attentive podcast number ten twenty one with Mr Sean Penn initiating the Coffee v seeps into the bloodstream slowly bringing back.

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