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Says send edge. Hit the costume into the chair. Solids face and hat after that aggravates the globe was bobby. Lashley and see wabi leslie. He's were fussed after the starting on a mass go rogue started assault Probably leslie now. After that bobby lashley heated to seat and often that very interesting not not didn't after that goal was global. Get shot but broccoli by bobby lashley. Bobby lashley cheered to go rugs. Bat lack do and global with getting chances. He gone injured. His injured doesn't affect any kind of a much ish like it and after that the goal relegate who go rogue wants to vote moved invulnerable the table and obviously gets into the table. Mobilizer title spill. Colebrook we're after the cold war gore has all strength all he did bobby spear and jackhammer but this is another twist of all that he finished. It's actually destroy bobby. Lashley is still status to these. Had bobby lashley most in in front of the steps mass team golden publish lewis getting so many scared right. See that cedric alexander. Shelton benjamin both men came with kennedy. Use bobby less luzon. Another candlestick goldberg has his bare hats with a bear lacks. We'll give super geek to show to me to shut measuring. And after that he he throws out of the ring and so he told her to the stage on theralac fender after that it is beer before he also to the stage he he gives he did. Bobby bobby lashley is kano's taking off of that gold work who he lost the spirit. Enough to koro winces mentioned his bad interesting reloaded. I gonna move that days match. Or i wasn't supposed to no play. This match will be big in germond happiness to the mets for satisfaction. Everything but i lost opportunity. Yes ridings locally. Nasty budget modules. That back lynch was sas bangle. Blois sasha ten before talking about that cobra was population these metros nor holes barabash if an feed is much venomous back lynch and benko lives. Sasha played really fantastic with but do we know he's stood. Becky lynch bugles bangle blair and russia in lead funniest teenager the played continuously countering the continously kicked off the ripped of the ass and showed everything demand. Becky lynch off the debt vaguely Gives another option. He got his chance and she grabbed his shoe into smashed. Is it'd be guesting. Ever seen him voted. Yes i see. Another match. Daniel was that is almost would Yes wine testing me uses been to total moss was almost i in tov and after dad's he was raised strong. He got to be uncomfortable. But after that and is argue to various dis randy or win that match funding. After that i the one soul stuff ali munsu and holly play doing interesting match. Mosul was confident and he match us over showdown on crown jewel. Every team is unbelievable. And after that. I'll cleaning the match. Most our li they say everything. Mostafa lee was assaulting after the Came on his civil teak well to just say looking to mostafavi enough to defense. And i see this match. Yours to mcintyre mcintyre with come dizzy giving a say won't keep. What your favorite biggie us. The biggest splash auto not on the one time. Not only to the beginning. Bobby actually defeats jim. Mcintyre was advocating awesome and the king doting tournament. The way now is fabulous. Xavier's was as been ballot xavier's defeated in better lie deserving because fabulous was planning to win this match your deserving and after that got opportunity out of you go so many matches it was not only do and also as an independence identified the biggest thing eight. I will soon awarded. Yeah the faintest guess. Lasting was that they got win and nesting Tournament zelina vega were says don't drop doodles very very fat girl. But she's also deserving as has fatty. Wait but i think as veli no vigor deserving play so we got opportunity as to win this.

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