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So every day. Amy Hess told the Wall Street Journal as companies like apple Facebook, and others have instituted end to end in Christian and messaging government agencies, particularly the FBI have complained that terrorists and other criminals have been able to conduct business outside of surveillance. Also, highlighting the issue a piece from nine to five MAC. It's got the journal saying governments want access to user data the solve crimes and track. Potential threats Silicon Valley companies fearful that this access could be misused for spying or exploited by hackers continue to build products that are so securely encrypted the tech companies themselves or sometimes unable to access the data on them and many tech companies are resisting and the efforts to weaken. And their encryption capabilities. Now, if you would like an illustration of there being no such thing as a back door that only works for the good guys a separate piece from apple insiders says celebrate iphone hacking tools are selling on EBay for as little as one hundred dollars. If you don't remember who they are. It's believed though, unconfirmed that celebrate cracked the phone of San Bernardino killer, the reprehensible Siad Rizwan for Ruch after apple refuse to weaken its own encryption. After San Bernardino screwed up the phone, but whatever celebrate systems are only supposed to be used by law enforcement and celebrate only sells to law enforcement, which means it's good guys selling the keys to the back door to the highest bidder. According to people inside or the forensic data firm, sending letters to clients warning them against reselling attacking tools, given the potential for illegally breaking into private data. Nominally? The equipment is expected to be sent back to celebrate serious concerns have been raised given that people within or connected to police agencies are not only putting the tools in the hands of unknown persons. But potentially leaking case data if it hasn't been wiped. Actually, they're not potentially leaking data one researcher with whom the journal spoke bought twelve of the devices on e bay on at least some he found data on what devices were searched and wen and the forms of data that were extracted the piece goes on to say still more worrisome as the possibility that celebrates tools could map out vulnerabilities at hasn't shared with apple and other vendors apple tends to close exploits used by forensic firms as soon as it discovers them since they could just as well be used illegally. But this back doors just for good guys. So it'll be fine. More news in a moment. But first award from Xpress P P N giving you back your internet privacy. You probably think cybercrime is something. That'll never happen to you. You know, who else thought that probably somebody just like you. If you use public wifi that a coffee shop or an airport may be your data is a target public WI fi is one of the simplest and cheapest ways for hackers to make money. Now, I'm not trying to scare you out of using public wifi. But you should use it safely and you can with express VPN. Express VPN secures an anonymous.

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