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In the spanish government area and they pledged to stop a poll that was declared illegal by the country's constitutional court seven hundred sixty one people there injured while about four thousand homes in perth australia easter facing up to two weeks without landline telephones or internet service after vandals damaged a cable feeding the area now i was wondering what happens if that happens here let's check in with lauren weinstein the expert on the internet gosh people would go crazy with just being down for a day lauren yeah i made it it we're at the point now where uh not having internet service in 2017 would be like not having telephone service and nineteen coventy great i mean so much of what we do now even our phone service in many cases is coming in over the internet so you lose your internet server an and you'll lose your phone server we're not talking about the ability to post up facebook we're talking about the ability to to call 911 right cutrate though this is really important and and it's not just a matter of landline in an emergency as we've seen in in the prayer rico and other places now it cellular that can go down the first uh system tend to be a weekly defined in terms of of power backups sometimes or backup will go out in just a few hours at a factory so you were companies have kind of fought tooth and nail against any regulation that that would make them provide more reliable system so let's go down your your cell phone stopped working that that funny internet now coup in a lot of cases uh it will have wide line honey more they may do veteran emergency but they can go down to and uh you know it's the old you put all the chickens in in in one place right you've all yanks in one basket and you lose that technology and you're just sitting there twiddling your thumb big that somehow it will come back you gutted lauren thank you so much o j simpson has been freed from the battle prison after nine years just as he alluded tacklers during his nfl days he also avoided most of the media tmz was able to catch up with him somewhere look like it was at a gas station he was in the back of a suv since.

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