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That are wrong, and I feel they have to write them and Alan Jo Jo's abilities with us up our producer and big al, the tool. Always doing a fine job. Debbie's on the roads. We're gonna go to the calls in a second, but quickly, Alec, I'm looking. I came into the city I've been into the city came in. And the Fox was kind enough to send a car and they put the plexiglass between me and the driver was great. I loved that anyway, because I'm like a germophobe anyway, I hope they keep it like that. You knowing antibacterial stuff at the driver, I I had my man's gone a Plexiglas on me. Really? So So what? Then, when we pulled in, we came out of the Lincoln Tunnel. And And if you listen ing around the country if you come out of the tunnel, and then it's always jammed. That's always Hustle and bustle, the homeless people all over the homeless like everyone to see and I remember when I was a kid, and I was going to the improvisation, and I was trying to be a comic at 44th ninth, which was Hell's kitchen and people were being whacked on the street. And these ladies of the evening were walking over drug dealers coming up to the car. It's exactly like that now. We've gone right back to it. They're coming. A lot of very good You might might might. My heart goes out because people who have been in the streets fruit for weeks and months he could see him and their hands are both one was once both hands out like Just help me and you could see it was drugs. It was mental health, where In the name of God is the heart of the Democrats who run the city I'd never seen Is it? He's busy sleeping. The blast was busy sleeping. He doesn't care about the problem. Here's the thing. When, when, when Giuliani was mayor, and when Bloomberg was mayor, the homeless problem was taking care of these people were put in shelters. They were given the help that they need. Deblasio has all but ignored them. And he continues to just shift the problem. We're gonna put him on the upper West side, so we don't want to hear what we're going to put him downtown. Oh, no, no, We're not gonna do that. We're gonna move in somewhere else. He has no idea what's going on. He is clueless. He's a mess. When you come down here in lower Manhattan, they have added a bustling, which I'm fine with for the express bus is to get into the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel, right? But then what they did was, they created a dedicated bike lane on the left hand side of the road, pushing traffic. That car's there, Park. Into more of the roadway. And then what happens when I leave in the morning? There were trucks double and triple part that pushed me into the bus lane. Give me to get down. Then you have all these over and lift drivers looking for a fair. I had a guy in front of yesterday's looking around with an affair on the screaming on blaring. My horn is not moving. I get past him. I go to another person there. Stop. They don't have any clue what's going on. Nobody knows what's going on. It is an absolute menace. I know we were stopped in 60 Avenue, 67. It was stopped. And I'm going like and they weren't cars around. It was like stubbly. There was a truck just randomly, you know, weaving in and out like, I guess they don't have the traffic cops there anymore against some of the more and some of them do move the flow of traffic. But the problem is, is that they're creating. All these are we need more bike lanes. No more bike lanes. No, we don't wait because let me tell you something about the bikes. These people don't even follow the basic rules. They're supposed to stop at a light. They're supposed to hand signal this they don't This one woman was walking across the street yesterday. Next to the ball never even looked in my direction. I'm blaring the one she has headphones on. And then she looks at me and gives me the finger wrong. I'm driving your walking. You didn't even look. I love New York. Listen, we could take a break. Don't Don't move on the phone calls. Please. I see you right there. 8777 25. It's like that. I'm surprised. How do you get out there are you know what direction I'm driving down the street? She didn't even look who just walked out there in the birds. I'm I'm at fault. That's the way you were back to where we were in the city all those years ago three. Rudy Giuliani is a myth. Dead traffic wise, though it's out there and it's crazy and Deb's Listen Deb's got Got it all for you should get you through it. 6 52 of them on the roads on Am 70 the answer. That lady was going to get good to a lot of shouldn't watch out. Good morning. Good morning out. Good morning, Joe Civilian. Let's take a spin. See what's happening. 25 of in Smithtown. It's an accident here on the island traffic living a little bit solely for you as yet to the Southern State Parkway, West bound As you get out toward the area Valley Stream, we are seeing volume on the eastbound Guan. It's right by the prospect. With an accident. They're getting reports of an accident on the Grand Central Parkway, West Paddock, You gardens and the I e westbound that service her to still blocks getting out towards Main Street. The ramp to Main Street is blocked. It's a pedestrian accident being investigated there, so definitely watch out for some ongoing police department activity. Traffic moving solely on the westbound of Bruckner heading down for the Hans point, Rob Ridge. Inbound G W B is okay. Lincoln Tunnel That's gonna cost you about 5 to 10 Holland about 10 minutes getting into town. Garden State Parkway North found starting to build getting up toward 1 45 South Bound Thruway. Still moving. Okay down toward the Marios Cuomo. Tappan Zee Bridge. You now know where not to go? I'm Debbie. Do I aim with Joe Piscopo? Am 9 70. It's Macy's lowest prices of the season with 40 to 60% off the looks. You love for fall and save on great specials like a dazzling new piece of diamond gemstone jewelry from Effie and more now, 62 65%.

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