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To think about how you know, you get these passions, different problems, different threats American society. Yeah, I think that's very interesting geriatric. Has To be some madness they got. There's got to be some behavior in young people that they can get. Rocard Rollo Hula hoops. Computers. INTO WRETCH US teens lives. Such limit Cynical de dozen element. This okay to send them of Afghanistan eighteen, but. By the. Chain, yes, exactly. Gets moved from the anti-smoking now. Being Edgy Sir do ninety nicotine, so it's more on the contain because these kids will become addicted to Nicotine A. Lifetime Agency Nicotine's that's the new. Disclose. The nicotine is the problem, not yet. Martinez was indicative of worried Arcades Using Nicotine I. I want to explore that with you a bit now. I've seen happening. You're seeing papers coming out of. Scientists from top universities, saying nicotine's more addictive than crack, and at least in rats, anyway supposedly and you. Funny! That isn't. It isn't sort of my impression in humans that. It Clearly, this hysteria is being developed nicotine, and and that's happening in the face of. Quite a lot of data suggesting that nicotine isn't particularly problematic and I'm. Thinking of the Swedish Day to this new state, so which has been sitting there and gradually accumulating more and more presence. Over twenty three years with no, since taking you noticeable tool. With the switches data on the use of snows- is very competitive as snows, his little ground up tobacco, most pouch is over the last trench years news has driven out smoking in Sweden ozone. In Norway in no way of the one percents of young women now smoke smoke is veggie dissipated amongst in no way but. About fourteen percent of the EU's snooze says being Kossovo decline. He's making rise in the use of snus and Sweden. Straighten has a nice prevalence of smoking Europe has. Rated Tobacco Related Disease in Europe. And there are lots of scares about nursing also leagues for different kinds of cancers of the epidemiological walk back..

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