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Lane. Meantime, it's pop in London came behind him. NFL San Francisco, The Sports League Let's get your foreplay. T Yeah, Mhm four time for some foreplay with Papa in line. I'm Dirk Diggler. Four chunks of audio that really get you going. I have a gift and I am trying to not be selfish about it, but to use it. On K NPR 145 Inch 68 the sports leader. All right, this first one. We didn't get this to you yesterday. This was actually after I believe the first game. And, um Mauricio de Bond about locker. We talked about the chemistry in the locker room. This is, uh what Mauricio Dubon says makes the clubhouse students a locker room, the clubhouse so good for the Giants. It's been fun has been really fun. Especially because we've got great people, guys. Um, uh, I'm sorry, but we don't have any freak. So that's the good pick up later. We've been we've been having guys that now hopefully charge And all the guys moment comes. I get pink hair dye for Doug are for somebody else. Get it out. I teach it. Hey, come on. That can't bring it in like we got Really great group of guys and incorporate China. That really is the key to any positive work environment, No pricks. It's what I always say That could be Mario as marketing Bearing a welcome home. They're doing all that. Resilient. Uh, we don't have any pricks. Well, we got a dick. I'm going that way. I think you just came up with the Giants 2021 marketing slogan. No pricks, but a dick. So what do you the actual Definition of a prick. Now I have to look at it. I could practice me. Sure I could prick my finger. I mean, it's a multi, You know, multi definition word, though, right? That is true. Yeah. What does he mean by what is the actual the one that maraschino Dubon his prick Ege usage. What does that actually mean? Bad guy. It refers to a despicable individual offensive, someone who is offensive. It's so much better than Mauricio said, Prick. Could you imagine? We don't have any despicable individuals. You're amongst us. He said. Jerk it wouldn't have near. As you know, we have any jerk sign. Whatever. So can we not say that? Did I get trapped at? Hola? Drive me for using? I don't even say the word. Do bonded. I know it's about it's It's in the bad word that you use it if we if we use didn't if we Yeah, you think polar polar endorses pricks if we if we used it in the, um Context of, um In Oregon. That would be that wouldn't be a guy. I pricked my prick. There wouldn't be good. No, they Yeah. Did I just get drafted? They might have gotten drive for that one. But I'm trying But if you say they'll ask, he's giving me a bunch of things to say, a spiteful or contemptible man off, you know, it's Yeah, it's vulgar. So yeah, that's it. But the male organ is that is that that's that You can't you can't use it in that context, but appear slightly with a sharp point or to put yourself you could use it. That's not a problem. I don't want to prick your prick that is really quickly. Let's secret Compare. Let's see. Can I use it in that context? No. Let's see, Uh Mm uh, to feel the caboose pistol, Janet, I'm just I'm looking at it to feel discomfort as you're looking at What you're looking at your pricked the dictionary definition of pretty good. Uh, she felt the prick is the Thorn jabbed her foot. He felt the prick of a needle. You wouldn't want to be called as she Never mind what? She feel it barefoot. What is this? Uh, this the former coach of the New York Jets, where we going here? Yeah. Totally missed the spot. Exactly. Sexy Rexy. Liar. Mhm. Uh, we have a number two in our foreplay, Joe. Yeah. Sorry. Come on. Maria Webster. I'm just gonna. Yeah. Should go Urban dictionary. Sure. Yeah. No, no, I'm going to go on the urban. Do not go on Urban Dixon. I'm gonna go urban friction. Eri, go do That? Yeah, This happened yesterday. Amongst all the chaos of the game. Dave Fleming had to say. Goodbye. Here is videos understand? Realizing that he's gotta go call the Padres and Dodgers at home nationally. Well, he's doing the extra innings of the Angels and the Giants. Here's how it went. Interest of full disclosure here. We do have a very unusual situation and and most of, you know, we're playing a little shorthanded these days. So I'm alone here on our Giants radio broadcast John and JT over on the television side..

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