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You know it's unavoidably dramatic thing which is not used to thinking about these organizations as being like companies. My arguments is just really if we want to defeat these guys, we've got to understand how they work and the key to understanding how they work is recognizing what they are, and that is profit motivated businesses. Welcome to the show. I'm Jordan Harbinger on the Jordan Harbinger show, we decode the stories, secrets and skills of the world's most fascinating people. If you're new to the show, we have in depth conversations with people at the top of their game astronauts and entrepreneurs, spies, and psychologists. Even the occasional emmy nominated comedian. Each show turns our guests wisdom into practical advice that you can use to. To build a deeper understanding of how the world works and become a better critical thinker and today another one from the vault, we're talking with Tom Wainwright author of narcotics. He's a writer at the economist loved that. Rag. And we're looking at the parallels between drug cartels and regular businesses. I. Just found the concept. So interesting and compelling that I wanted to do a show on this. This should listen to this episode if you're interested in how ideas of economics and business apply to any entrepreneurial or business venture, how cartels engage in corporate social responsibility, which has made laugh and just thinking about branding and even pr campaigns, how cartels franchise regulate Labor branch out on lines and even diversify into markets that produce and transport products that we all consume in our daily lives. Lives if you're wondering how I managed to book all these great authors, thinkers and celebrities every single week, it's because of my network and I'm teaching you to build your network for free over at Jordan Harbinger, dot com slash course by the way, most of the guests on the show already subscribe at the car. So come join us. You'll be smart company now. Here's Tom. WAINWRIGHT. Tom This is interesting because I heard the title of book and I thought. All right time is good. Right? Because we're fresh off narcos season two and I thought, wow, economics and drugs. Where do I sign up? It sounds just like college for me sort of and you've done a really interesting book here. You were a GPS device to meeting with drug cartel leader and it didn't work. So that was kind of what hooked me into this and I thought this guy, this guy is crazy. This is the craziest economists that I've ever heard of, because economics generally afield not known for its wild child type of outlook. How did you get interested in drugs? Well, I got sent back to Mexico in two thousand, ten with the economists in. You're right. This wasn't kind of natural territory for me. It wasn't the kind of story that I was expecting to follow bed You know I got there. It was just at the time that the drug war in Mexico was really taking off in the murderer that was going through the roof and I've been expecting. Expecting to write stories about regular kinds of business, you know thought, I'd be writing about the car industry Arrow, a tourism, that kind of thing. But arrived in found very quickly that the only thing people really were interested in talking about was different kind of business namely, the drugs business. So I find myself writing a lot about and the more I did the more I covered this industry and. And the more I spoke to the people involved whether they were the cartel leaders of the traffickers of the consumers or the rest. The more I realized that actually this business was really a business like any other and it had various things in common with other kinds of business. So I started thinking. Well, what would it be like if we wrote about the drugs business as a business because most. Most of the coverage that you read in the newspapers and the items that you see on the TV about the drug wool treats as a war is a crime. You know the coverage is very dramatic, but I thought how would it be if we wrote about these cartels as if they ordinary companies and analyzed midnight way what will be learn. So I started doing that and gradually found that. If you do think of them as being companies than you learn things about the POPs wouldn't previously been obvious. Why do you think the coverage is just based on the criminal element of it? Do you think it's just that we're addicted to drama on? That's more exciting or is there something else going on I think the drama is definitely a positive I mean when a Mexican cartel goes roles five seven heads onto a disco slower in Mitchell Con-, you know it's Unavoidable dramatic thing, and that doesn't surprise me that that's the thing that the detail journalist Gopher, but we just not used to thinking of it as being a business partly because they mean very obvious point to make. But you know the very fact that it's illegal means that we're not accustomed to thinking about these organizations being like companies don't be fleet I, don't file on your accounts you know and they don't give press conferences and so on. So covering them as businesses isn't completely straight foods by any means. I think our holes with the culture is geared towards writing about the drug war is of dramatic criminal thing, and it is all of these things I'm not trying to claim that it's not criminal and that it's not immoral. I think it's both of those things. But my argument is just really if we want to defeat these guys, we've got understand how they work. Work and the key to understanding how they work is recognizing what they are, and that is profit motivated businesses. So that's the key thing that we've got a bear mind when we write about them, and until now I think we've failed to do that our coverage of cartels is being very, very sort of black whites in the hasn't bothered to look very closely at. At. The numbers behind the business hasn't bothered to liberate closely at the real motivations of these guys. We writes about them as if they're purely motivated by a kind of blood lust and there is some of that. But above all what makes these guys tickets money and if you follow that, then you understand more whether coming from, they might do next. Yeah. Exactly we. We gotta hit him in the Wallet for sure because to get rid of anything like this, we can't really treat the symptoms which are people who've already been affected after a lifetime of using this for years.

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