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Kids walk into the shower while you're there you committed a crime chime in on our open Mike line about this phone all right you got a woman charged with lewd dance because she was topless in our own home what are your thoughts on this six oh two two hundred two seven three three six SO two two hundred two seven three three is the best of three Saint James and Pamela Hughes do you think about it and if you're one of those out there that knows it's Anna is watching you at all times maybe he's tracking you maybe there is a tracking device on your persons as we speak in Santa knows what you're up to now replacing into with government what is a tracking device any government knew what you were up to at all times well it exists yeah and you know what it's it's not even as nefarious is government there are about a dozen companies out there that you have given access to spying on you and you really don't even know it now there is a fascinating article in super producer Steve easier we treat myself for folks let's do this because I we head on over to at Bruce and Pamela on Twitter and we're gonna get that link up to you for this article from the forty nine CM not only is it like the is is there is some interactive graphs yeah they're really going to kind of send this point home Bradley what it's looking at is they were able to to to get one of these gigantic files that these companies that are largely unregulated and definitely not scrutinized half and there is a I think called the times Paul privacy project New York times yeah this is a file that they have ready has about fifty billion location pangs yeah from phones of twelve million Americans so why would you care about that twelve million Americans in a database with fifty million paying some give a few examples because using this which is available I mean they didn't like hack something Pamela now though right somebody was really concerned about what's going on at these companies and shared that shared so this is what these companies have on you one search turned up more than a dozen people visiting the playboy mansion some stayed overnight they also found visitors to the states of Johnny Depp Tiger Woods Arnold Schwarzenegger's and connected the devices owners to the residences they can see the places that you go every moment of every day I would like you to know that I went to the playboy mansion stayed overnight I think that would but they're probably places first you all that you don't want them to know we need to discuss those right now but yeah we all have all yeah that's something we'll have about like you know who you meet you spend time with where you spend the night because you can put that you went to another down clinic whether you've gone to a psychiatrist a mall this or parlor okay they can actually connect these dots and guess what it's perfectly legal yeah I'm in an example is in again if you if you take a look at the the the the peace that you can follow up pain follow a person their cell phone you can follow Mike through their day you could draw a map he went from here to here to hear to hear to hear then you can look up or what were those places how long did you spend it each of those places and by the way were there any other things you intersected with hand or their pings to intersect with routinely which would mean you probably know all of these companies that do it there about twelve companies that you've never heard of before are right and they they always say that they do these business on three claims that one you consent to being tracks to the data is anonymous and three the data is secure yeah you've been consented to being tracked the I mean when you say consenting to be tracked that you like location services we are using the app you have to have location services turned on right now as far as the data being anonymous yeah you know these are putting the pieces of the puzzle together because you chances are you take the same route to work every day you leave from the same place your home and you go to the same location your work and so from there they can actually then start to identify you you're not anonymous and the data being secure yeah that doesn't happen nothing is secure anymore again if we if we your privacy advocates you know you've heard the the V. outrage over you know things like facial recognition being.

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