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Medical report sponsored exclusively by independence, BlueCross y w medical editor Dr Brian McDonough has this report about Cove in 19. If you've been waiting to have your mammogram, colonoscopy or other preventive screening tests, it's time to think about going in and having the studies done. There are two reasons. The most important is that screening tests are only valuable if they're done in time to catch problems early. The second reason is one of safety hospitals and medical facilities have figured out how to be a safe is possible. My suggestion is that you called us up an appointment, but ask specific questions about safety for you and those around you. There is no doubt that you can have the test you need but don't be surprised that facilities will also be asking you as many questions as you're asking them, and that's a good thing. I'm Dr Brian McDonough KOW news radio. It's 2 18 in North Carolina will start sending out what's expected to be a record number of mail in ballots today for the November election, CBS News correspondent Jim Chris ULA reports. As of now, North Carolina elections officials have received 600,000 availing ballot request. Michael Bitzer teaches political science at Catawba College Numbers just continue to grow at an exponential rate. Karen Princeton Bell heads up the state Board of Elections. This isn't the first time that We've done absentee by mail. It's just the first time we've done it at this bias of the registered voters who have requested a mail in ballot in the state are overwhelmingly Democrats and independents. Jim Krystle, a CBS News, Greensboro, North Carolina. A memorial for Chadwick Boseman in his hometown. CBS's Steve K. Finn has that there was an outdoor showing of the movie Black Panther at a memorial last night for actor Chadwick Boseman in his hometown. Anderson, South Carolina. Deanna Brown Thomas, The daughter of the late singer James Brown, hailed him as the epitome of black excellence. We told them he was a little too. Tell me the gun, but he said, But I'm gonna make you proud. God knows he did. He made us very proud. Bozeman played James Brown and the film Get on up, Anderson's mayor said. Bozman had a tremendous work ethic. Steve K. Thin CBS News, a new insect threat if we didn't have enough to deal with already United Nations says Locusts are threatening up to seven million people in the southern countries of Africa by eating all their food. The country's in southern Africa aren't the only ones facing a locust problem. East Africa has had its own outbreak of billions of desert locus for months now, which The U. N. Food and Agricultural Organization says is unrelated. While these new outbreaks are far smaller, the U. N agency says these outbreaks need quick attention to prevent a wider Food insecurity. Problemas farmers are already struggling to recover from a serious drought from last year. It's 2 20 We have a crash on the Scougall. Stevie would tell us exactly where coming up next It's Cherry, Greg. And this weekend on flashpoint Our Patriot Homecare change maker is hosting a festival designed to.

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