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And none of that had to do with people calling on the clay resource through official channels at all had to do with nick mijo the last known man that knows what the secret is apart from the three of them in the crazy guy as well. Well yeah see crazy guy. Morgan doesn't know what it is though he doesn't know he's invisible if he did he would have told pike pilot anoint. That's right that's right. Yeah they had kept that and you know the sisters still didn't know and they were all in the room. When dan was doing his invisible stuff with morgan so Yeah they should have. They didn't figure it out. So you know this is going to say. I think there was another bit of foreshadowing there. But i can't remember what it was now. Oh well oh yeah. It was the name check to nick. Madge oh We we get a name check Last week or the week before said only four people in the world. Though this secret kate i am nick majuro And that was. That was probably a couple couple of weeks ago. So yeah yeah..

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