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Welcome back to the rail Madrid Paul Carswell it stopped with Luca Yovich today. He's something of a hot topic of discussion his current club. Remember, I tracked Frankfort losing to Chelsea in that dramatic semifinal of European league last night. Now his contribution to the season is being poured over yet again twenty seven goals and seven assists in the forty three games. He's played so far this season joint top scorer in Iran with ten goals. Now, remember, Freddie Bubba inches? Ready said this week that there has been no communication with rail Madrid by Munich had already stepped in with a sixty eight million pound off of forum now Madrid on not ready just yet to concede defeat in that pursuit of one of Europe's elite striking talent so expect some news to be seeping out over the next few days about potential bids being placed him now news update on Ashraf hockey meat, man. It had been expected, but he would be returning to Madrid this summer. From this loan spell, Brucie Dortmund boot vest sporting director, Michael Zork has come out and just reminded people that there is no chance of this because he is actually under a two year loan agreement. They've already spoken with his agents, and he will be at Dortmund. Next season Brazilian Rodriguez. Been talking about is imminent arrival hats Madrid eighties the best club in the world. He said the biggest club in the world as soon as they showed interest. In me. I knew I would be coming here. I didn't think twice about signing is a dream. Come true for me and asked how he imagined? His first goal would be coming. He said with an assist from the nieces. Shabby Lonzo who's juniors one that respective title this year drought Madrid? We'll be leaving the club in the summer to continue his education. Southie a debt which is where it all began for him as a player back in nineteen ninety nine in the BT me made one hundred fourteen appearances in school nine goals in Southie that before that moved to livable and then onto Madrid in two thousand nine two thousand ten Madrid's twenty year old Uruguay and Valverde has been speaking about his future of the club. I have the prospect of being here next season. He said Z Dana's told me to play and enjoy what I do that. I am not on trial told me that he likes the kind of player that I am looks good. Then doesn't it for Valverde? He made fifteen appearances this season five starts tennis is substitute Madrid. Do not want him. Then this certainly will be no shortage of clubs who do Gareth bale sucker continues to roll on. And on his agent continues to undo. Align his Kline's view on his own future. Byles agent was quoted to say, I'm not sure what Mr. z Dan wants him to stay. But for the moment Gareth wants to stay on. This is off to report to merge to suggest the bail would be relegated to play with the youth team. If he refused to move on this that regardless of his desire to stay play. He would not be part of the first team squad that Christian Ericsson's off move to row Madrid is back in neutral again after Tottenham made the Champions League final this time. It is all about the finances. If Spurs win Madrid, regardless of the fact that is contrary is up next to you, and he can leave from nothing as a Champions League winner. Taunting them would be expecting more money, but not only that so to Christian Erickson, adding still more frustration for Real Madrid will have weeks more of waiting as well on has art as Chelsea, of course of made the Ripley funnel has again put on the spot after that match. When he was asked about his future. And his response was I only want to win titles where this club this team now on third it might have been a disaster shift for Madrid commercially that life goes on us agreement is reached inside with at it s to extend their current shit deal up to twenty Twenty-eight and it sets new records as well. That will be paid a staggering hundred twenty million euro per season to wet the new Addidas kit aback to the striker Hans. And if Madrid's don't get Yovich that who well this play one set I promised my grandfather one day I would play round Madrid. It would be a dream come true. Those the words of pm Abam Yankers in the midst of his third best season of his professional career hat trick against Valencia getting arsenal to within ninety minutes of being the fifth primarily club in Champions League. Next season. He will be thirty this June and his deal at Oslo runs into a twenty two. One the price if he were to be so we'll be around in about seventy five million. Now, just a note of caution on this particular room three years ago, arguably when he was at his peak after that thirty one goal season Dortmund see Dan didn't actually follow up on Peres interest. Luca moderate is that a sit down face to face with Zardad to discuss his role for next season of the outcome. Is that z Dan is happy to keep mulch. But there will be no automatic selection for him. If however moderate wants to move on and a suitable offer arrives. Then he can go is perhaps not the endorsements that module was looking for whether or not it's too late to resuscitate Inter's interest. Well, if we will have to see over the coming weeks now all the talk of has Ericsson, potentially Pulgar arriving hasn't deflected remedies interest in Qaida vets of bio Leverkusen, the nineteen year old now a full gym and international. Scored fifteen goals in buddhis- league this season. Twenty two in eighty six Bundesliga games. Overall, highly impressive for a nineteen year old play Madrid on in conversation to dry muscle in on his potential, but bide Munich on at present the favorites to secure hin. This summit are interested. In Brahim Diaz has surged in recent weeks since the Dan's arrival and the increase in sightings of him. His potential is once again beat highly visible now amongst those waiting to pants if Madrid don't meet his expectations Napoli dormant and Benfica bizarrely no interest of from anybody that impre Mia league. Now another name that has reappeared in the last twenty four hours as a potential target is Lucas Moorer of Spurs. The Twenty-six-year-old Brazilian wasn't talkative Madrid back in twenty twelve when he was some Tyler. But he elected to go that to PS g where of course, he stayed for five years target, though, he. May be but it is unlikely that Spurs with a paper thin squad already would allow him to leave his contract runs through until twenty twenty three latest news on neymar well apart from being seen posing with Will Smith the four lads continue to emerge from within PSG's dressing room. The latest, of course with Julia Drexler from earlier this week. He is now said to be wanting to move on this some of the big problem here, though, PS PSG's three hundred million valuation of him will hamper any potential move this summer as in twelve months. Remember, a buyout is available for one hundred and seventy five million Manchester United arsenal and Spurs are on the hunt for Marcus Leah rent as well known that he ends zoo. Dan, don't see eye to why he has already been told to look for another club this summer as he has no future in Madrid his form was so good. Remember under Solanki that lead to? To alone move back to out of as worry pressed last year being canceled. But a subsequent injury has led to him once again disappearing in to the background there is the interest as well in Spain. Plenty of it it particular from Athletico and that just about wraps it up there for today. Don't forget you can catch up with all of the seasons news as it happened via the website, WWW dot round the trick podcast dot com. You can follow us to on Spotify, Google, Stitcher and all of the major platforms as well. We'll be back early next week. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend. Wherever you're watching football from me ten capable Bob. I'd.

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