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Appealing. A federal judges decision to throw out its lawsuit against Rhode Island's truck. Toll program the American trucking association and its fellow plaintiffs Cumberland farms, Eminem transport services and New England motor freight. They filed a notice of appeal on Thursday to have the case heard by the first US circuit court of appeals. Now, the move comes barely a week after the US district chief judge William Smith tossed the suit saying the challenge should be brought in the state court system rather than the federal judiciary Rhode Island trucking association. President CEO Chris Maxwell. Declined to elaborate on the filing telling I witnessed new still in the end it was headed to federal the federal appellate court anyway. That's what he told channel twelve in an Email. They're Rhode Island department of transportation officials, by the way have said that the first two gantries that have been put up there beating their expectations of revenue so far though the delayed rollout of the full fleet of fourteen. Planned, gantries means less revenue has been coming in than they initially expected. So what's going on with the additional gantries says here an additional ten gantries are supposed to start coming online starting as soon as the month of may the latest phone scam is a rather frightening one it's called virtual kidnapping Susan Campbell from my witness news. The phone rang showed up as a call from her daughter. I heard a muffled mom and then like silent crying kept saying to her. What's wrong? What's wrong in an instant confusion turned into terror, and all of a sudden, I heard a man's voice? He said you need to listen to me, very carefully until exactly what I say the color barked a series of instructions go honk your horn. So I know you're listening go to the Bank and withdraw money. Don't hang up. He said you get off this phone. I'm gonna blow her brains out. Gail was hysterical. Her cell phone was the only way she could reach people who could help or scrape together the money, the caller demanded sushi hung up I try climbing back three or four times. And at this point. I thought I put a bullet in my kids had Gail race to the police department on her way, she tried calling your daughter's phone one more time and this time she picked up and she said, hi. And I. I kind of went into I didn't know if I was crying because I was happier zip. But I'm like where are you? I was so confused at this point because I didn't know what was real. And what was it AOL slowly realised the kidnapping story was all in elaborate scam. Her daughter was safe and sound and her phone was secure a scammer at simply spoof, the number to try and trick Gail into handing over ransom for a fake kidnapping the phone, call the police island attorney general Peter Neronha says these scams are full of red flags you could ask them. Can you describe describe my son or grandson, they can't do that? They want the money wired. They tell you not to go to the police yet. I mean, those are sort of telltale signs of these of these things the signs are there. The scammers are hard to trace many times aren't even in the United States along forcement ability to identify these people to bring him to Justice is limited. So the the real mission is to make people aware of it. That's exactly why gale. Decided to share her story. It is the most terrifying thing to go through as a parent can help anybody spare this emotion than I did my job the FBI says virtual kidnappers typically demand between thousand and two thousand dollars again, if you receive one of these calls hang up and contact police Susan Campbell from my witness news. That's frightening. Seven fifty NewsRadio nine twenty one zero four seven FM back to the highways we go we do this every ten minutes.

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