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Each day is a gift of question about that. Richard today is a gift a cold one twenty five degrees going to be called all morning long about that fire in Monroe that you keep hearing about traffic problems etcetera etcetera for those fella Monroe I'ts that's NorTel lanes. That's been there since about nineteen sixty one on telegraph road. Nobody hurt. Thank goodness. But a complete loss from what we're hearing. And from what video I have seen earlier, and I just got a note from our good friend Representative Joe Baleno in Monroe, and he says that rob Seib is the owner of NorTel lanes. And he's given us the phone number to get in touch with rob rob is the son of a guy who's always comes to our broadcasts at Monroe county community college and brings some fine cigars for the host. That's dixie. Who used to be the mayor of Monroe? I'm happy to say he's still doing fine. And I get nervous when I got the note from from Mr. Baleno Representative Joe Bellina, but addicts is fine. He just wanted me to know that it is rob see that owns NorTel lanes. And we'll get on the phone and talk to them get the very latest on what's happening there. Mr. Mr. newsman right here. Yes, sir. You always keep an open mind. And and you present the news the way it was meant to be presented. What did you? How did you put it before you have you have expression that you've used a few times? And I really appreciate it. And it makes a lot of sense. I don't quite remember that. Well, it was something about not, you know, the way these people, you know, fake news and and put their own opinions in it. Oh, yeah. We say from time to time that we are the home of real news, the home of real news. And that's important. We will have the funeral starting at eleven our coverage on WJR on this official national day of mourning. You'll see a lot of people including Prince Charles who has announced he will be attending the funeral for our former President, George Hw Bush. In fact, he will be representing his mother Queen Elizabeth the second he the air and still waiting to the British throne, but he will be among a lot of worldwide. Dignitaries that we will see today what a crowd it's going to be a great crowd. And nobody deserves it more than president George H W Bush for those of us lucky enough to have known him a little he's was on my show a number of times over the years as was his son, George and his son, Jeb and his wife, Barbara and Georgia. Georgia's wife, Laura, all of them have been on my show over the years in in my having the great luck and good fortune of interviewing every president and spending time with every president at the White House since our president Gerald r Ford. And he was not I'm not besmirching anyone else. But he was the kindest gentlest most incredible man ever that. I saw in that office. He he was just. I don't know. Exactly. A he's a he was the greatest one term president ever his foreign policy, which he really enjoyed a great statesman. A guy who you know. Got a great note overnight. From Jack Chris Soula who does his program on Sundays. And I'll find some of these quotes that are really magnificent as only Jack Rasul can can archive and put together of various people through history. He's done a great job of that. I read some of the to you in a moment. But right now, it is seven thirteen at seven sixty WJR. The seventh annual Mitch Albom say Detroit radiothon experience it live at Somerset collection and Troy or listen all day tomorrow on seven sixty if you're confronted with a critical medical.

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