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In a row the san diego padres had some extra visitors to their training camp a swarm of bees they're currently practicing in peoria arizona apparently swarms are common in arizona this time of year especially involving aggressive africanist honeybees last year they struck when the team was flying the colorado rockies fortunately the players now know the procedure hit the ground when the swarm comes through no injuries have been reported this portion of the news sponsored by clark pest control at seven forty three mountain lines they seem to be on the prowl all across northern california as kcbs was mad bila reports live from our silicon valley bureau have been multiple sightings and signs of the big cats in recent weeks matt good morning susan last week been slaughters slumber was disturbed by a strange wild sound outside the window of his boulder creek cottage he grabbed his phone and recorded not one but two mountain lions awesome he tells kpi x five they were completely enveloped in what they were doing they didn't have any care for me or the dog barking or the light that was one of several reports of big cats in recent weeks including in santa cruz san mateo and sonoma's counties our own outdoors expert tom steam star spotted him outline outside his home in we'd he tells the mercury news anyone who lives near a greenbelt has a good chance of seeing the king of the california forest in the next few months and should take precautions live in the silicon valley bureau matt bigler kcbi kcbs news time seven danika patrick watching my nieces grow play and learn is amazing but not every child gets.

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