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Everything that we're allowed to do represents wisdom. Think about it. All right, Sheriff John McGinness there. I had former sheriff current talk show host. Thank you. It's for 28 kfbk traffic and weather together And let's get to that. Now. Here's Dana has ever IDed by the roses, a lot of mall and right now downtown split. You're looking at 10 minutes on eastbound Cap City. It is especially heavy as it always is in midtown westbound going beast long ago coming in from El Camino Avenue to the river and split the Roseville nine minutes out there and more slowing because of that accident at Penrose to deal with that's going to last for a while. Downtown. L grow 14 minutes on high five in about 12 minutes on 99. It's an 18 minute. Right at Folsom. He's bound 50 no issues to deal with downtown, a woman about 16 minutes on north out the Davis It's going to be a nine minute ride on a westbound 80 eastbound 80, a much slower from 1 13 all the way to just pass Mace Boulevard. Now is the time to say that the giant Labor day sales event at the Roseville autumn all of great financing. Plus huge factory discounts Right now's a great time to save thousands on that perfect ride. This is the Labor Day sales. You don't want to miss the Roseville autumn, all driven to be the best traffic on the tens, every 10 minutes mornings and afternoons. Dana has news 93.1 camp Ikea. Tonight. Hazy air quality will be unhealthy for sensitive groups through late Sunday night with a low 59 63 tomorrow hazy sunshine and warm with a high 92 94 Mackey Weathers, Gregory Patrick News any 3.1 kfbk..

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