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So she's she started documenting these fights so that she could force him to be accountable for what happened. And now, these recordings become evidence in the case, but it's evidence that I think is attempted to be used by both sides here. So let's take a listen. Now. This is Johnny Depp an amber heard in a somewhat private moment although amber heard I. Guess this recording it talking about some of this violence. Talking about. And I want to live, and then you and I know you I'm sorry that I didn't. Across the face of proper, slap. But I'm skating punching you. You're not punched. Don't tell me what it feels like to be launched union. been around a long time? No. No. When you have a closed fist. I did not hunt you. Alright. So in that recording grace. That sounds good evidence for Johnny Depp. Because right there. He sounds like he's he's the victim. He's the victim and all of this, he's not the abuser. He's the abused. Is that possible. That that the judge in this case, not the jury because there's GonNa be the judge could think, well, there's that that conversation goes on for much longer. We're only hearing a snippet and during the course of that conversation, there's a lot of back and forth and there are allegations of him being abusive and not. Taking, responsibility for that abuse and You know the judge doesn't have to rely on just their word I. mean there is documentation and like I said, there were many arguments in which There were other people that had to intervene, and predictably we had witnesses on Johnny Depp side that talked about. How he would try to avoid fights wanted to get out of them and. And then you know people on her side, her witnesses who would basically cooperate the violence and the the name calling and the very tumultuous relationship and the damage that he caused. I mean people would come in after a fight and there will be a an apartment that was trashed. A painting net, he had been furious about some painting that she had put up. That had come from her ex partner, and he tried to set it on fire, and there's there's Ample documentary evidence of if not the actual fight itself what the aftermath of it and it's hard to. Not think that there was some evidence of abuse that occurred in this relationship. So let's take a listen to amber heard was deposed. So we've gotten. Video evidence of her talking about the relationship..

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