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Back time. Check for you right now. Six seventeen we are joined on the line this morning by Jamie Kelvin of the invisible institute as well as Turney cannon Lambert trying to get closure on what is probably the close of the long trial of Jason Van Dyke for the murder of lukewarm McDonald. As Jamie mentioned before we headed into break there. It all began, of course in twenty fourteen when Van Dyke fired sixteen shots into alachua McDonald as he was walking away from police. And so then all of it came to a head in probably conclusion this past Thursday when Cook County associate judge Dominica Stevenson decided to acquit three Chicago police officers. Why do you think she arrived at that decision cannon? And in many cases, she said that the case that was presented to her required to come up with that judgment. I think your question is one that's going to ring in the years of of of many of us for very long time. There's not a real solid answer. Frankly, I did seem that she was almost pointing that be prosecutors suggesting that there was something short that they didn't do. But it strikes me as odd given that it's pretty clear that the representations made by the officers were different than what was captured on video. And when you've got that it seems to me that it's pretty clear that they misrepresented on a on a on a on a document that was supposed to have been something can be relied upon. I think it underscores sort of the frustrations that we have that even in the face of clear indication misrepresentations lies being told covers up cover-ups being engaged in. But still we we don't see Justice looking at it through different lenses and coming up with peril, Alexa, views and reality. And jamie. You covering this trial for so long here. How did you feel when that decision was handed down by judge Stevenson? You know, I was not surprised having sat in the courtroom and seen the direction of things during the trial. Yeah. I think her her ruling if you if you read through it, actually reads like closing argument of chance. You know, she was so aligned she was so aligned with the the defendants in this. You know, she we know this about. The court system. This is I think what the major takeaway from from that ruling. I think there too. I is that judge's function as a certain judges as an integral part of the machinery of what we're calling the code of silence. You know in accepting what code of silence is in some ways, not the most helpful turn. Because what we're talking about as official lying. We're talking about about qualification of reality by government officials, and and the judges have so readily accepted testimony from officers who may know or are what they say twenty six in California test testifying. The second thing though, which I think is a is an equally important point to see is, you know, we talk about the code of silence as a kind of pervasive culture in the department. And I think one of the things that was all by this case, putting aside the judge and putting aside some of the issues about how the prosecution went forward. To the extent Dakota silence. Pervasive culture throughout the department. It becomes elusive for legal categories to capture. So this was a conspiracy case if everybody kind of assumes it's their job to lean in on this false narratives, you don't need to have a formal conspiracy in the sense of people, you know, agreeing to of course of action is just assume everybody's de facto job description to to build a narrative that justifies what happened. Well, so, you know, their major takeaways from that case quickly. And what would be those major turquoise committed to their. Well, I think those two you know, that you we see how judges implicated in this larger machinery. Apartheid Justice that keeps producing results. But also that the code of silence. Really? I mean, we need the criminal laws among the tools. It's we we need leadership in the department. We need, you know, really strong rigorous administrative sanctions for this kind of behavior. If we rely on the backstop of the criminal law, and in fact, Marvin hunter said that you know, it's gonna take legislation out. No, William Callaway was encouraging people to vote when to go to the phone lines right now, we're going to begin with somebody that definitely has perspective on code of silence, and what you may consider to be police overreach, and that is Antonio rare who is the father of Quintanilla Greer Antonio your common to question. Go ahead. I'm telling you. Antonio you're on. Yeah. You comment a question. Good go right to it, man. Just say the fact that nothing ever really changed with blue wall. No matter how many different definitions we put on it. I don't know how we gonna fix this problem. But we need to stand up more. Public officials and things like that. About living in first hand. I see why. A lot of people are quiet. Throwing a lot of money in these politicians. They out the way on Carnegie members until we problem we've got to continue down the same thing. We're having. Follow people such as the judges, the lawyers the state's attorney all of that. So afraid of the system because it's overruled by people who are totally corrupt. So whether it's true or not they can accuse you of anything and take your career away, and they are gonna lose out on their careers. So they along with the status quo feel like about living this myself personally. And I know there's probably speed. Also staying. Love the judge just was afraid afraid of what someone makes eight. For inland. Career. They come out and do what the right thing. Just man accountable for what he has done. And I feel that at the end of the day, Mr. Calvin and others as long as we keep pushing forward and the man in the people that have been hiding come out of Santa quiet mouth. The laws they keep having the money wanna keep following the status quo. So I think that Calvin and everyone else is great valiant effort in what they have done is bigger than we are. And it was just beginning. Oh, no, correct way to do it because we have so much for us. There is always there. I wanna I just want to correct you there. There is always a correct way to do it. And you know, we opened up our comments this morning, actually, the show mentioning the words of Dr Martin Luther King when he said, let us realize the arc of the moral universes long, but had bins towards Justice. You got it always want to do the right thing. That's only thing. I wanna say Antonio, okay. Okay. As lands news, FOX, she's turning. She should be out there and outrage about this. And she wasn't about Kelly. NFL guilty. Don't get me wrong. The end of the day. Why did your hands stick out for certain cases? But other cases. Okay. Eight that's legitimate. That's legitimate concern that you have as well as question, but I got to try to get to as many phone calls as I possibly can. Okay. Because the lines are completely lit up. And as always man, I appreciate your comments. Okay. Thank you for your time. So I appreciate you and everyone else. Thanks guys doing a great job down. Let's keep fighting that good fight everyone. There you go. Moving on right now. We're going to go over the brother hall brother hall, calling from Chicago, you're on with Jamie Kelvin and cannon Lambert you come to question this morning. Thank you so much. Good morning, Daryl and just for the record. I totally agree with last call all, but what you corrected them on deal because you're right. We can make this thing. Work a good morning to you and your guests. You got to just to add some historical perspective on. No. That Jamie knows about this indefinitely can in does when you look at. It was Justice says that were pointed by conservative. Dwight Eisenhower that actually ended up being the justices that helped bring about some of the most dramatic civil rights changes for the positive for this country. It was Johnson. It was Johnson. Johnson Earl Warren Warren, right, right? And Warren was an appointee. If I'm not mistaken cannon by you know, Eisenhower, no question. I was just going to elaborate on the legislation has gone over rights it with Johnson. Yeah. Of course, put Kennedy candidates. But it was all Johnson. Right. But let me let me go on because you'll have a lot. I think we were playing. I think we'll play about politicians. I think we played by the system because I'm concerned. I was there for the beginning of this there at the end, I was there when the three policemen were let go, and I was there along with a different others for the decision on the quantum McDonald? And he just say for me, the cold, the sinus was on trial. And I don't think that we prepared. We should have demanded a dream team. We should have a. And and that's nothing to take away from sister home. I think he was trying to do a good job, but we should have prepared for that. We should have had Lambert or grant as an outreach to her to help her a pair for this the, and I think we we, you know, we always come at the end of it and say, well, we all well, we maybe we looked at it a different way Roach too late now in terms of that. But for me. Look one Donal was I in the teal, and I think at this point. All of us all of us. And I didn't just say black anybody that understand that Justice for all key. Then we all need to put in and say, this was an injustice. If you talk with your attorney there, he would clearly probably agree with me that it best. There was a conflict of interest with him particularly with the three that was let go. We. Where is LeRoy Martin? We need to hear some real answers about how the ball drop. And I thank you so much rubber Calvin. I thank you attorney Lambert. This morning to Canada expected because we're we're told up from the bottom up from this now. And I think I thank you Dale and be one two three for giving us a platform to be able to discuss it. And that's basically what I wanted to say. In those comments definitely cannon quickly. Chime in there in terms of what brother hall add to set. Yeah. I think he's right. I think we are all very very hurt. I know at the beginning we were talking about how this is a different city. I'm not sure that I would go so far as to say, this is a different city. What I would say though, is is it people are different. We are beginning to remind ourselves of the power that we have. Because when you do look at the fact that we had an impact in terms of Anita Alvarez, and now FOX being her replacement when you look at the fact that. During McCarthy was no longer, and he's no longer the police the top cop in Chicago. It shows you that we have power you look at one of your guests is doing a half Calloway..

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