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With the alley. That's my favorite track. The helpful a twenties like this. I was like. Oh god. I love those And i let you know. Both tracks are on my playlist on spotify. It's beautiful. thank you so much that that means more to me than anything else. thank you. But i'm very picky. But what. I call malysz I love that. Because i listened to it when i'm working think it's my personal playlist. I'm not doing it for any other reason. Except to promote the indian the site date needs to be brown. The what future projects jab line After this album well it's hard right because we're we just released it and we're still trying to get people to listen to it and discover the record discover me And it's it's a little bit. I think a lot of artists are struggling with the right because we don't know what the next couple of years look like. It's a bit alarming. We we. I want tour Because i have this romantic idea about music as you know as a as resonance And wanting to find belonging which is so much of what this record is about so my my my ideas that i should be able to play this all over this country in wherever wherever i find people respond to it i can belong there and the more places i played in the more places i can belong the more. I can have some ownership over over this thing. That is being american So i'm not giving up on that. We're still going to tour and we're still gonna figure how to do that. We just don't know when In the more immediate future We're we're trying to figure out how to do some more interesting live shows You know as hopefully as vaccines rollout as case numbers go down. Which isn't where they are at the moment but hopefully You know that creates options for me getting the band back together and kind of Doing live shows with with more instrumentation. Than i've been able to do in the past so that's the sort of kind of immediate thing. And then there's already a next record right like their songs that are gonna wind up on whatever the next project is but i'm not quite ready to commit to win. That's going to be just yet. I'm not for still still in the thrust of this. You're going to organize anymore livestreams. Oh absolutely absolutely yeah. I think In january Which realizes when we're airing. I'm announcing a kind of more regular series of live streams and hopefully I i think that'll be. It'll be more fun for me because the holiday stream was was really fun It was also like a learning process right like a way to just engage with a community. That was a little bit different and not necessarily what i was expecting But i think a lot of people enjoyed it and engaged with noaa. That was interesting. So i'm gonna one of those things that i used to do. You know it's a secret Was i used to host house concerts at my apartment. You know To try and showcase the artists that i thought were brilliant And i think the plan at the moment is to is to set up a series of live streams where or. It's a little bit of that round. Kind of you know i'll be performing sat Because i'm because i need to be doing that in in in playing this music and telling the story And we've been crafting a show around. What what these songs are but to also be able to kind of extend that platform to other people i think is just. It's interesting smart. Lets me connect with musicians and people that i miss on before we go. Allie can you tell us Where best to buy. Download your music. Sure yeah i mean you're you're welcome to stream it. On on spotify apple music tidal deesor. Whatever your platform choices if you want to buy it You can head to band camp and all of that is accessible at my website. Which is streetlight. Shaman dot com. Thank you for joining a positive having a chat with me. I really enjoyed our talk and the depth that goes into your music is just forget insane. I love it. I love your music before you came on the show. I'm loud like a fan thank you. It's it's nice to be able to The dig into it a little bit as it when you write. It feels crazy when you're when you're trying to put so much into something Because you're not sure anybody's going to hear it but it's nice to be able to talk about it these fat. My background is english lahser. I've made a writer for forty years. I write poetry songwriter as well I have a daughter. That's a poet So i really appreciate the what you do and the lyrics that you're writing and the music you're putting out as an artist to an artist's i appreciate it's amazing. Thank you very very much. thank you. Allie blisters tune into ali. Aslam listened to his latest tracks from the last american album. Color of the suburbs and brave. They are out now. So thank you all for listening in today. Next episode on february the fourth jared harper joins us from san fran in the style of indie act of rock but not exclusive to. He creates piece of work. That the audience can relate to jared halpern. Is an acoustic style. Singer songwriter own arranged in san francisco. He racked up over six hundred thirty thousand views on youtube after appearing on season. Eighteen of voice. Jared harper is an upcoming artists. We need to feature on the buzzer in so catch at the pot. On february fourth on air indie from ipad to yours over the airways subscribe or at the buzzer pod. Dot com cheers..

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