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Minnesota Vikings on mice were out on the plaza here inside a US Bank stadium where the boom's coming up at noon. It's Ben Lieber. Joining me how you doing. What's happening, man? I can barely hear you so loud in here. Well, you know, what it should be the first divisional home game for the Minnesota Vikings taking the lions in a stretch of divisional games coming up here. The season where we have all these injuries by week coming up next week. This is a pivotal win today. I hate to say it here at the beginning of November. But this is a must win. It's a must-win not only per division locations. But it's a must win. I think for confidence and motivation and momentum for the rest of the season this team, obviously as we all know that's been a little bit. They haven't I don't think put together a game where it's been all three phases. Playing together the run in the past finding some balanced defensively. You know, we've always had issues in each every game. So this is a game. I think that they play a complete football game and win. Obviously you put yourself in a good position wise. But I think just the overall mental health of the team would really benefit. Three or four alliance losses. Stafford has thrown forty plus passes went after out, I think it was fifty six he actually through if you can stop the Ron you get him on the throne, which is really kind of weird because Matthew Stafford is six all time touchdowns versus the Vikings were Twenty-three in his sixteen games. He's got fourteen touchdowns six interceptions. This year hit four of them in week one against the jets. But Stafford if he's throwing a bunch he does make mistakes you have an opportunity to get that ball. And you're right. I mean, that's the thing you you like to see him throw a lot. But it also can be scary proposition because he is pretty deadly. But you know, we all have seen him play. He he does take risks. He does think that he can fit the ball and pre tight windows and that is opportunity for the the second during the linebackers to make some plays. So the more that he throws the more opportunities you throw into into some danger into into some coverage, but may not have so much respect for. For his toughness. His ability to stay in the pockets in his grit determination, so it's gonna take a lot to rattle them. But the Vikings have done pretty well against him as far as getting into his head. You know, the last couple games he walks away, a battered and bloodied in limping around. So it's going to take that sort of defensive effort. I think to knock him off his game. Digs out today and had deal dealing going for megatrucks record to break. It back in two thousand twelve when we went straight games with one hundred plus yards. You've played against megatonne. You've covered him you've covered obviously out of feeling while working for the Vikings radio network and all the things with the what is if anything similar to these two guys as games. Well, you know, obviously, there's a big difference in their stature. And and that's the that's very apparent. But you know, the similarities are they just kind of catch everything I think there's a reliability factor that no matter what if you're gonna bracket them or double double cover them. They're going to find a way to come down to the mall megatonne gave you that different element. Because he was so tall that he could jump over bracket. Coverage. You can jump over some players on the field and make some newly athletic catches. But he's not one of those guys that's gonna sky up above guys on a consistent basis and take the ball year. So he's gonna find creative ways to get you. He'll guy for balls. We saw last week will jump over the back of guy to catch the ball. So the library factor of just throw it to an area, even if they're covered and trust that they're gonna come down with. And with just less than a minute left in this segment here because it's twenty five twenty one for yards sixty touchdowns. He's been great the eighty four million dollar quarterback. If anything what are your concerns about her cousins? I know a lot of you are making a lot of out about him. Hold onto the ball, and hitting balls typifying scrimmage. I'm less worried about getting balls typical on his scrimmages. I just him just having that awareness. Sometimes throw the ball away. That's no k play to just throw the ball to the sidelines. Get it out of arms lay live to play another down. So I like to see him do more of that. But I still love his his aggression of having his is down the field. Trying to find open receivers. He shouldn't lose that. Great stuff as always Ben lever. Thanks, buddy, lobby moss. I love you too. Vikings football Sunday brought to you by US Bank..

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