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Your family <hes> before yourself putting so many things serving something greater than yourself and so you know i just felt called to write a character a main character hero <hes> that embodied those qualities man and so you know i wanted kids to be able to read read these books and and know what it means to serve something greater than yourself understand what makes american warriors tick duty honor country selflessness loyalty integrity. All those things are so important <hes> but i also think that all those things are lacking in mainstream entertainment today you know and and so that's what you get when you get these books you get you get an awesome story. The hope is that you know action packed co-fund story but you also get hero that that you you can be comfortable that if if your kids are gonna read you know they're gonna come away learning the right things and so i i think that's important you know yeah and we definitely you're right. We definitely need need those characters right now. We need those stories in our country especially for our young men and women together here and you know i read outlaw platoon and man of war and it's in in many ways. It seems almost more unrealistic then man of war. It's just what happened there. <hes> is outlawed for tuna or is the ever steal i no. I've seen a few people ask you this on social media. <hes> is there anything in the works to turn either outlaw platoon or <hes> man of were the average deal series into a movie or tv series series. Yes yes on both accounts. You know both out level team and eric young man of war franchise eric feel franchise are being looked at by producers was out in hollywood out in l._a. But you know it's treacherous. It's that process is so long so painstaking. It's like it's one of those things man that you have like. Knock on the door until your knuckles bleeding at the door doesn't open you have to kick it in but at the same time you have to be patient and allow things develop and so i'll opportunity for six years. It's whether it's it's in good hands right now. <hes> and we're trying to see if we can make it into a mini series and i think they're still you know. That's that's better formatted. Automatic haven't got a big screen so hopefully hopefully we get some bites on that stuff sued because like i said man like i think it's important i mean if you see the same things over in over again in hollywood like you see things like regurgitate like like macgyver was when i was a kid macgyver show now you have on when i was a kid in hawaii five o on again. You're seeing draft department..

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