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Fells. It's good stuff. They almost got some they. Send me over twenty four pack of Rubber they got condoms. Now see. I got my oldest dome sent to. I was like the trip. I might dummy myself with it on. But don't you worry. They got they got. They got luc now too. Yeah yeah i have tonight home of but you can count me out. I that's classic simpson's you guys don't laugh at but hopefully some people do. My girl actually said Bark for a dog named too but going back the dog talk. I'm going to need some help with that one folk santos l. helper seattle expansion. We've been teasing it all episode. Now we talk about what what the fuck of these tampa bay lightning singing in the bathroom before game. I don't know dude and the fact they wouldn't go into it. They might be singing. Some weird shit. Capella to like. Eminem fucking idaho. Cappello is that him said that the baden beleza something jesus christ in the bathroom. Let's like they had to legit grab savard with thirteen minutes on the clock. There's going to be six guys singing acapella holding each other's hogs like you're fucking elephant walk before the game but we win every game so don't change a thing doing little docking action and talk dot docking talk a lord. We appreciate those guys coming on. All the types of interviews we love and and hearing what's going on behind the scenes so As as lawrence said he was very vocal about it he does not wanna go to seattle has nothing to do with seattle. He just plan on retiring in tampa. He loves it there. And you're coming off two stanley cups. Why would you wanna change goddamn thing so don't be cock blocking the lightning. Ronnie young boys like i mentioned the old seattle expansion. Finally the wheels rolling on that thirty. Nhl teams have submitted their protection lists a trade freezes in effect until thursday the twenty second seattle draft selections needs to be sent to the nhl central registry in the nfl pa by ten wednesday. In the official expansion draft announcement will be eight pm that night. In addition to any trades the may make and one of the big names that was unprotected carey price he agreed to waive his no move clause and according to the athletic did that so he can protect jake allen so he would stay on the team to think and being that seattle won't take them. He's making Ten and a half million for the next five years. He's going to be thirty four in august. He's doing eleven million dollar bonus in september. It's a calculated risk by the burger. Van biz. But i mean they could lose carry price but at the same time they do. Get out from under that deal. Yeah seattle's worried about the eleven million bonus that is paid six hundred fifty nine for a team. I guys i think the world of carry price. I i would put one hundred percent stamp of approval that they are not going to pick up carrie price. That's ten and a half million for five more years. There are plenty of good goaltenders that are available a lot of which are on good contracts. I just don't see a place where where this happens and we. We know how hard it is to win when so much of the team's cap especially in a flat cap era where it's going to be stuck at for a couple years. It's it's just too much going to one guy. And as i said there's plenty available. They already got drearier. Is that how. I pronounce it yet. They got him agreed to a three year. Deal at three point. five. Check florida the two. He was great down there. So i just i see probably working with like a two goalie system and i don't think that they're gonna pickup carey price and as we mentioned earlier. This is something that's probably been talked about between burger van. Well jesus god. I don't know what that was. My god maybe in ronnie franchising in rent ronnie franchise and i think that Angela price carries carries wife ended up posting something on instagram. Saying it's all gucci like they ain't going nowhere we ain't going anywhere it's funny. I know steve dangle biz die hard leaf's fan hardcore leask. Yeah he's awesome. So check them out dangle. I somebody cracks me up here. A good tweet. The salary cap so this is keri price. They right cool. He's one of the best schools in the league. Cool he just went to the pinal cool. He's now available to a team starting from scratch for free. No trade nothing. They can just literally take them. Wow you want him. No because in the end it's perfectly described in that tweet. It's like dude. This guy's making too much money. They're going to have to solid goalies combined. Making less than kerry price made. It makes no sense. It would've never happened. If kerry prices twenty nine years old if he was yeah you grab them but he's he's at an age where you cannot ruining one of your best assets. Which is all your cap space by taking this goalie. When you don't think you'll be competing for a stanley cup. Now right vegas. They changed the mold. I don't think it can happen again. I was the dummy who called them. The future doormats the league. They went to the cup final. I do not think that will happen again. And in that case it makes no sense to spend that much money on a goal. He was going to be thirty turning thirty five years old. It was a calculated move. Now you never know what's going to happen. I saw lebron sent out a tweet that earlier. He would have said there was no chance. And he's kind of starting to waver in terms of the discussion coming on seattle as a possibility. I do not think it happens. But it still was wild to see his name on there and it would be so funny to see canadians. Fans lose their shit so a couple of things in this regard to he has a no move clause right so seattle does pick him up. They won't be able to just move him anywhere so they would have to stick with them. I would assume that if he at the slim chance that he does get picked up by seattle. It's a situation where he goes there and then moved back to montreal for a small price. I don't think they they can't do that. They can't drought. You can't drive out. No no they can't do that for that seat said reason. The argued the argument. The argument you know even today is he has pacific northwest. Wrote route. What's the word Routes routes like he played for tri-city americans in the whol you know he's familiar with the area and i it would be such a groundbreaking player to be able to bring in as your base as your guy. The way flurry was vegas. It's just the amount of money and it's just the age and i don't think it makes much sense. I mean who knows what the hell it's like crazy. Things happen all the time in this game in any sport. I just cannot see that going down. Yeah i'll be surprised does again. Yeah they can afford the eleven mill but do you want to pay ten point. Five is going to be thirty four and a few months for the next five years. I don't know there's so many good goals that you can get so much cheaper. No disrespect the price. Obviously but and owner has made it clear he will. He will spend the cab. Yeah oh yeah. That's no issue there. No there's no reason fucking not to like city can.

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