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Mlb The show. Because it's something that clearly a lot of guys are starting to get involved in and more guys are getting interested in opening twitch accounts Lucas Jr Alito Chicago. White Sox. He just opened up a twitter account. After after seeing Carlos robot enjoy it so kind of thing is is starting to grow and I think guys starting to get a sense of how not only for for for players to connect with fans. But it's also a way for them to build their brands and you know build for a life outside of baseball as well. Yeah you could see it like in the regular workout regimen for some of these guys Blake Snell lifts weights on Wednesday. has a bullpen session. On Thursday Has an off day on on Friday Saturday Sunday. He plays video games with fans during the course of the game. I mean baseball. Baseball's almost uniquely positioned to to. You know there's so much downtime. For a lot less players they can just sit in dugout and talk and you can get a sense of what that dugout chatter light. I mean I think it's I think it's a really good idea. Honestly now that I think about it twice to to Michael Guys who aren't playing in the game having a starter on his off day just chat with fans might be really good wages to get a get a different players and I think create a kind of a more uniquely intimate baseball experience. Yeah one hundred percent you did that in the clubhouse that that that would be pretty cool. He brings people into that that atmosphere. That was the amazing. All Right Jim. Thanks for doing this. They have bus really appreciated luxury. Walters manage twenty years in the big leagues. Fifteen hundred fifty one career wins in bucket. Bring YOU IN A. I'm excited about this conversation. Because they've known you for a long time. But as I said the Aaron Boone when we had him on a couple of weeks ago I never had asked him about that home run he hit in two thousand three AOL CS. Because I worked with him. I didn't want to be like the green fly. You know the fan boy asking questions so this kind of gives me an opportunity. Ask You questions like that. Don't ask me about the anything. That's really painful. Please buster. It's part of. It's always a back story. Those things you know so many things. I wish I'd asked people on the way. Never feel like you're putting them out. Well I appreciate you taking the time and joining us. I storytelling one when we're out without baseball games A few years ago I think your last year when you were managing the Orioles I I remember how you invited Dion Sanders to come to cannon yards. And I didn't realize up until that time that you guys are very close and that you know. Then I've made sense. Dion was in the Yankees Organization when you were in the Yankees Organization. Tell me about him and how you guys always connected well beyond you know. He came from somewhere area of the country. There was a real connection theon personality of the football player and the way he projected himself as a baseball player. Two totally different guys. He wasn't primetime in baseball and Very Smart Guy He's still lives here in Dallas. We is son over at Soda. Messes we sit together sometime at basketball games but Beyond that group we had a group in Albany New York in the Eastern League that won that year and beyond was probably the most popular teammates. They're not because he's Tom COM. Just the way he treated everybody was he was just one of the guys. He understood that the difference between but I remember calling him to tell him he was going to the big leagues and he thought I was telling him to go. He's going to AAA and I called him at home one night. I said it's girlfriend. John say whatever answer the phone I said? Hey can I speak to be honest? Theon would eat beans pork chops and skull potatoes. Almost every night loved him and he finally he finally gets to the phone. That's what's up. He goes I'm just eating. I said listen They want to call you up. They want you to go up and it goes fuck you know I. I love the guys here man. We're GONNA win this year. I think and subway triple as kind of a lateral move. I assume say here and I said you don't understand you're going to New York. And he dropped the phone. I hear him going baby baby coming here. Pick up the phone talked about. It was one of the it was one of the great send ups. Oh I can't I couldn't hardly get him back on the phone but A lot of people didn't get dion and I enjoyed getting things about him. He was a fast guy. I ever had not even close. Think about your fast. It's got and there's another year there. He could actually outrun the baseball. It was breathtaking to watch him. Run triple out. It was. It was worth play being there and just the things that you can do. Tell you through. Well he had a lot of power. That people didn't know if you've been full-time baseball sky was the limit he was. He was a special talent. You Know Buck. I'm so thrilled to hear. You say that because when I have friends family or if I do stuff with fans and people ask me. What's the coolest thing that I ever saw a baseball field? I said watching Dion Sanders. Senate triple. That was the most amazing thing I'd ever seen but for people talk about stuff in the big leagues that I'm remember the most. It might have been coach and third base for an inside the park. Home Run Dion Sanders. Look it up sometime Bo Jackson him. We're going back and forth before we play Kansas City about. He couldn't tackle and beyond with say Akkad out running. And this guy was smartness. Got What smart about time they got to New York. It was on. I mean it was on. We weren't very good. We hadn't scored a run in a month and the first two times a Bo his whole months and the little down the Doug because you know it was beau versus beyond. I kind of walk bombs to come home and I got a Lotta game. Let's go well. He hits the ball in the right. Centerfield and Bo Dives Fort Separate. The shoulder vouch for the year by the way ball. Rolls to the fence comes around second and it is beautiful. I mean there's dirt Flying Jerry. Curls are working and he gets to third and I think those Bianca WanNa headed back to the Infield just thinking. It was a sure. Stand UP TRIPLE AND MCFARLAND was out in front of the plate and I start pumping and like I said. We haven't scorn awhile. It's two outs and beyond guessing another gear. He looks at me like this crazy. Guy's GonNa send me and I gotta say Dirt Meryl's Home Played on par and the ball comes in. He's out by maybe Tennessee. I'm running down the line with him. Obviously behind him and the ball short hops in hits off McFarland's chest. Dion has to go up in the air over the top McFarland. Get his hand back on the plate before he can retrieve the ball and tagging bang. Bang safe and I gotTa tell you the place went crazy crate. It was I. I got to go back to third base. I'm going back in the dug-out Denman's found migos brother. He said if you lost your mind what you doing I said de Vaux showing up out there. You gotta see it you know. Take it back man. That was fun. That was sound blaster. Yeah that I was. That's great I was GonNa ask you if you want to ask. You set a ask you about the decision to send him in that situation Yeah he he. He would have absolutely been amazing. I WanNa ask you about working for George Steinbrenner. What was of course People know that behind the scenes. He could be so tough. You know all those years going through managers. What was the most angry that he ever got it. You Oh Jeez Buster While you know I think he would. He would try to get it through coaches. He knew that my sauce fought would for coaches who are good coaches and doing their job. Release reason why I left. New York was over for four coaches and he wanted to fire but I if he would live through I was lucky to have jean-michel deflected a lot of those things but he got a little easier to work for With every manager I think you know I think Joe got a softer guy. I think the guy behind Joe got a software guy was I you know there were some some very private moments where he would just hammer away and there. It was just like you know anything that was obvious or he had told you about happening I remember he came in one morning early. One morning. Brian butterfill now. We're going to do in the schedules. It's been seven o'clock in the morning and he came in all he said. Was you out in call butter by name. And so of course you know clete boyer gets a big name placard and puts it over. Brian's Locker W. e. new name where you out but you know there was a certain there was a certain Fraternity and Camaraderie of guys. You know you Kinda took it. You know it was coming your way. He made sure he didn't crack somebody else. Enter IN OTHER WORDS. The pitching coach. You don't say the INFIELDER OUTTA position or they've made a bunch of errors behind your Fisher to try to support your yourself because now you have dragged the infield coach into so there was no. You're going up the elevator late at night. Form of meetings. Everybody knows. Somebody's got a bullseye on their back. And you just need to wear it take like a man 'cause no it'll be somebody else the next time and guys would get back on the elevator and pat each other on the pet. The guy on the back of that war at that time and it was part of the job description. I understood it when I took the job that he was going to be. Part of the job description. But you know you can only take so much. If if he knew that he could run all over. You're going to be there at some point. You hadn't expand all right. Tell us about Don Mattingly in the nineteen ninety five playoffs. I was not covering the team at that time. But Michael K of course longtime broadcast for the Yankees. Tell stories about about Donnie ramping. Up for that series knowing that that would be it started about three weeks earlier. You know we had probably one of the best September's and Gangqi history to get in the playoffs. We we had the replacement camp and all. This stuff is awful Donnie. I'd taken a lot of grief about continued to play Donnie hitting third. Because he was he said but to sixty with not much power numbers in it but I knew his back was killing and also knew that our our players just funneled and and set off him so much. You meant so much to our club. This being on the field. Donnie came in one day. So that's I say I'm going forward either. You not hit me thirty. I said listen. Don't tell me where my hitch in the batting order. I he said You I'm going for it. I said what do you mean? He said I'm going to start talking my back and this and that whatever and eat it blows out doesn't blow out. He said we're not getting the playoffs. And let's start acting like a first baseman of the Yankees. So he went for. I am their eleven o'clock in the morning with all the stuff he did with his back. Just try to get and I gotTa tell you buster for two or three weeks it was don mattingly all I was like. Oh my God every swing you might be his last and he put on a show in the playoffs but also remember coming back from Seattle. He came up set down. You know you're talking about three games on that turf out there to the buck. I'm done just once. You know I want you and stick the no before also even gets here that I'm done. My boys need me at home. He had some situation at home. Back won't let me do what I need to do. I don't I the surgery I can't. I'm not sure about it. And so him telling us that. Buster a lot has to go get..

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