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KCBS news, Santan, forty five eight is onto the sportsline Joe salvatore's here. He begins with football for ball on the final last Sunday of the NFL schedule the early games on the second quarter colluding the patriots needing a win for first round. Bye lead the jets seventy three Tom Brady with a seventeen yard touchdown pass to James white the Texans trying to wrap up the AFC south. They could do that with a victory. They are tied with Jacksonville at three three Carolina leading at New Orleans, thirteen and nothing. The saints have already wrapped up the top seed in the NFC. So a number of their stars are inactive, including ju Greece today. The giants and the Cowboys scoreless in the second quarter UI. Manning's already been intercepted twice by Dallas. Cowboys have already locked up the third seed in the NFC Detroit leading Green Bay seven nothing at Lambeau Field. Tampa Bay with a seven nothing lead over Atlanta and buffalo leading Miami fourteen. Eighteen to nothing. Josh Allen of the bills with a touchdown pass and a touchdown run. Forty Niners close out their season down at the Coliseum against the Rams. Of course, the Niners will be keeping an eye on LA's. Aaron Donald he has nineteen and a half sacks already this year three shy of the NFL record held by Michael Strahan. Kyle Shanahan knows. They gotta keep an eye closely on Donald I've been asked about that a lot this weekend. Aaron Donald has unbelievable every single time. He steps on the field. So he's people's asked me if we're gonna get more from this week or it's going to be more challenging, and I don't get how that's possible to this challenging as it gets every time you go against them. So it's just another game to me verse Aaron Donald which is always a huge challenge. Raiders close out their season in Kansas City against the chiefs. That is a twelve forty five pre game here on CBS sports, a fifteen and forty five and all these one of six nine AM seven forty KCBS. What should I get?.

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