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A one hundred million dollars school safety bill into law that includes security officers other states have or are taking similar steps on armed resource officers quick action in last week's school shooting in maryland neutralized the suspect jeff monosso fox news main was planning to be the first state in the nation to use ranked choice voting in a statewide primary but the state's top election official has just changed his mind saying an analyst found a car conflict in the law the system leads voters rank candidates from i alas and the one who gets the majority of first place votes wins voters approved the concept over a year ago in maine and supporters say they will go to court to make it happen a funeral in sacramento at this hour for stefan clark shot by police who mistakenly thought he had a gun there have been several days of protests fox's william lauch swat criminal charges against the cavs that's premature but the protests are sending a message and putting pressure on the multiple investigations underway so one is by the police department to determine if the officers violated their use of force policy another by the da will look at the shootings a potential criminal lab the state attorney general overseeing both of those investigations clark's family meantime hiring their own investigator wall street right now a big rally continues the dow is up three hundred nineteen points the nasdaq up over one hundred brady fox news radio wwl ob fm and am next with maine's total weather from channel eight wmd w.

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