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Our to Sean Hannity Show 809 41, Shawn, You wanna be a part of this six Carrabba Gansa. So, with all of the climate madness mandates predicated on a conspiracy theory. A belief the climate truther zao out there telling us the world is going to end in 12 years. We're now let it we are now wiping out Some of the best union highest paying Career jobs in the country. You just stop for a second. Just take this in and absorb it. If you're one of the if you're if you're somebody who works In the energy sector. And and you've developed these these? These are highly skilled jobs. Hard jobs, too. And they're very skilled specifics, not like said, Well, I'm gonna take my pipe my my pipe building skills and I'm just going to turn it into. Well, how can I build solar panels and I'm gonna get paid the same amount of money. It's not how it works. We've interviewed people on this program that we're working on the Keystone XL pipeline. Is that these air skilled professionals, hard labor, tough weather conditions and, you know, got us to the point the first time in 75 years where Energy Independent. Well, that's good for our national security. Why? Because inexpensive energy guess what? All that means that we don't have to rely on Middle Eastern countries, some of whom hate our guts. For the life, blood of our economy and the world's economy. We didn't have to rely. You know, our Western European allies could now count on us for energy and not be reliant on the hostile regime of the hostile actor Putin and Russia. Chinese are loving. It sent up stupid. They figured out that's gonna that's gonna crater the the American economy. We're talking about guys jobs with, you know, six figure jobs. Making six figures. Anyway. We had one guy on made 250 grand a year. How cool is that? Amazing. You have other guys making 100 grand a trade with training truck driver's training you And to make 80 started 80 grand a year and all the overtime you can ever want or need. Transforming people's lives, just stroke of a pen gun. Leonardo to crappy. Oh, I was just reminded that I did not think of that. Okay, and people like Leonardo to crappy. Oh and Scarlett, Jo Hanson And all attribution And prays to those responsible, which makes me laugh. But you think that there but you gotta close the Dakota pipeline. Then you gotta shut down and more which Biden is doing. There's no legislation involved in this. This is just stroke of the pen stuff. And now it's bad for national security. It's bad for the economy. Now you think of it, bring it down on the personal level. Those people that don't have jobs. What is it? Okay. How are they feeling today? I bet that I'm feeling good. They were counting on these jobs counting on this career path that they had chosen as difficult as it is working hard every day. Most people don't work eight hours a day that that's that's a thing of the past. My parents taught me that they laughed at the idea. Eight hours a day. Mother. Prison guard 16 hours shifts regularly. Exhausted. Father waiting tables on the weekend. Didn't grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. That's why I became fiercely financially independent. At a young age I was a little incorrigible. You know, my parents couldn't stop me when I was in high school coming home at four in the morning. I was working all night. Father would come in while I'm dead asleep and still have my money or more. He wasn't stealing it. He was putting in a bank account saving it for me. You didn't take it. Any 1 809 41. Shawn is our number. Now there are people that are battling back. Theater knee general for the Great State of West Virginia. Is now standing strong against this federal overreach. All these 56 now I think we're up to executive orders. Because it's destroying America's working class. Initially teamed up with six other attorneys general to address Biden's reckless abandon. You know, totally bypassing the Constitution and coequal branches of government, something he himself said. I'm not a dictator. I'll play for you. This Joe Biden is what he said about executive orders. I got to get the votes.

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