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They're the ones saying we don't want the pharmaceutical companies to not be able to charge whatever they want for vaccine I mean it it's it's talk about who's politicizing it right Kevin carpets with many with was the worst because last time I looked into the Gulf like Donald Trump and therefore we expected more out of him other Republicans in my preparations many a number of Republicans have it sounded exactly like I don't really ask questions of medical professionals because they're deeply concerned for their constituents but have Republican leadership just work with the president saying is not helpful and it yesterday there there's been less than useful as well we had a unclassified member only briefing and David on the commode island after a very specific question and over but if the keys are appointed to get the ten people on the panel the answer it but then gave me cause lately that question is for companies what she I'm not lending answer but big ones thank you so they want to coordinate even give us the information fortunately for some of us the appropriations subcommittee that has oversight over medic manifestations we get those people correctly we've been getting much more information yeah but instead of like that that political malpractice yeah I'll say I'm speaking to help you I know you had a heart procedure I been seen you in awhile are you are you feeling okay and doing okay yeah that was over two years ago okay fine I should probably lose a little weight but all that has been very well that is difficult I've had Wisconsin cheese I can you know between here and she is to the food groups it's difficult but not a big which I hope you like thank you thank you thank you liberals are coming through Madison that the companies that were funny you should mention that what we've been trying to have you back again after triumphant appearance last time I will check with my office okay yeah cool yeah we we've been in discussions with your office but we don't know if the schedules are gonna mess about but they think it may sell well we'd love to have you know no no I would absolutely love you'll be doing a little traveling for burning around the country but not a pretty close if those guns and crime I am proud to be home so I'll do my very best if Campbell was not doing anything just to drag along you know what it is definitely give her first that every fall when should be vice presidential pick four of those candidates yeah she's still first of all not seventy she's fantastic progressive yeah in return policy third we discussed it as a must win state which won the state by eleven points when our governor and all the other state officials one by one point she that magic formula that we need to have the upper Midwest and that is just what he couldn't even that may present and I don't want to take a lot of credit but when we did our sexy liberal and what would New Mexico representative Michelle Lujan Grisham did sexy little panel and what is she now governor Nancy Pelosi did it in San Francisco representative and what is she now speaker of the house I'm just saying if Tammy Baldwin once the sexy little magic March twenty first Barrymore theatre I look at that I'm you tweeted I I'm Elizabeth Warren voter hearing dot California this week marking da you said thank you Liz with warm probably part of the campaign you will fight your fight will continue in Congress will win on behalf of working families I'm still a lot of people sat are you hopefully know your reporting I've seen on TV you're a great advocate are you hopeful that you know very sad on metal obviously couple nights ago we're all going to United obviously there's some fear about that now do you do you feel like that's true we will absolutely I think now you have a very distinct race right yeah I'm in the moderate Democrats to blame but I think after those of us here but if you buy a Medicare for all the new deal they're about as being treat our season stopping on the order no matter what I wrote has a huge impact on what's gonna move forward so we're still trying to obviously win the nomination Joe Biden look what happened my biggest fear being from Wisconsin is that you don't have a nominee by convention because we don't want to mention that the carpet is walking the meeting place I will see you in Milwaukee we'll get together I assume the walk you know we need to stay a thousand I think we have to stay in Madison because we can't find a hotel anywhere near but I'll be there yeah we will right you see what is that like a big deal yeah well listen you're great advocate for all our progressive issues obviously the leader of the progressive caucus and Hillary is the best place to advocate for that would be the sexy liberal panel March twenty first at the Barrymore theatre not to put too fine a point on it represent a pecan it up but yeah I would probably grow taller and lose the weight thank you right yes yes and John Nichols from the nation will be there all right we you're perfect just the way you are thanks representative we appreciate it thank you so much all right thanks represents he was fantastic last time let let's do this month I'm telling you could make it and we will.

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