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I've worked with quite a lot since and i'm still always embarrassed by his company because he saw may at my absolute worst these are any one of the audience will give it a gaza out duck is neither and he is ira and i got up from does object by madeleine mccann which wasn't even a joke and m than didn't even good gondolfo dislikes realize had nothing left in the audience didn't like way and then tripped up as i went satellites sus the layers of embarrassment so grew and then to sat down back next my friend at i saw him yesterday that land he's still lost remind me of and he's at sheep directed one of my shows and has been quite entitled to my career in his quite use have some elisa around the pool of denies that like i want everyone in hit rockbottom because you'll never ever have at that like oh could tap it again but i'd love to sort of gopac insist relive the psychology of my life of that time because i think basically what happened there is i was so embarrassed by how will flood bill the iheart cecil proof to myself the i could do it and i think if that iq come well or like just okay i don't know whether i would have pursued it so much i think it was like actually than like within meals i know i've got to prove those people were wrong with as i can do this and um you are not an old cycle psychological thing the this is a thing about this the other week a certain people in your life at an over the you have this who like they probably don't even know.

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