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At that time in those guys just started running that what I would call on in human cases I could not keep up at all I couldn't even see the met is going up all criminals they may just works on past the horizon of what I could see how much out of two years old guys were still battles in a lesson and everything it was like okay you ready like ready for what license now they got a run back down and don't even faster than they were without fallen everything in this you know it's been everything so just crazy and everything's up my throat at this point I feel like I'm you know just gonna let everything loose in that did happen I have to admit many times in the beginning that I had to give it up that is bad said he should be in the hall of fame for that story alone but he survived that the great we went to the truck and ran it in after that we went to the weight room I had to build up today and I couldn't even go to the track the first day and you know by the time it took awhile for me to be able to do all three even to city in two or three let alone do it well like I I finally got to the point where I was doing it well while it's crazy that is unbelievable fantastic follow Twitter by the way Ricky Watters got a great picture of his son saying selling in the NFC championship game with E. forty look at his handle it is a great picture Ricky waterfront saying Hey you know one of the true hip hop masters at the forty a place at.

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