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Christopher sedate. He is a member of the independent international fact-finding mission on beyond mar. We reached him in Geneva. It was the middle of the night and Nutley walkway was sleeping at her home in Hudson Quebec. Her husband was away on a fishing trip. She was home alone. That is when she heard what she described as a quote, really loud, bang, MS. Paul EA would soon learn. There were true to intruders in her home. She says, they violently attacked her. They grabbed her throat. They pushed her to the ground. She ended up getting away. And now MS paulie is warning the community about what happened and encouraging people to improve their home security like installing good lighting security cameras. Earlier today, she spoke with the CBC's Mike Finnerty about the incident, did the heck out of them in the places with most like where I could reach between thumbs and and it really what stopped because it's happened over the four minutes. So they really just kinda stopped, told me, stop, yelling, stop, yelling. And as soon as I stopped. Then he started yelling, where's the money? You you, you you, you like, okay. Well, my wallet is over there. I have. I think forty bucks. You can take it this way, or you know, and and like it's on, it's on the island guy. I couldn't look up and showed because I had my face down on the ground. And he says, Boyce Jesse so said, okay, so I went to go get, which really brought me to my side door and a lot of me to run out now I feel that goes into dream, you know those dreams when you feel like you're you being held back and you wanna run, but you're like, don't work and you wanna scream, but you don't have the voice. Well, boy, did I ever have a voice? I lost. You don't have one today, but I sure had last night. So you're you're out of the house on the road screaming and what happens? Well, there was. An angel appeared in the form of a lady in van right on the middle of the road right when I was running 'cause they were running towards me on the road and then the car came. And so they split up in one of them rand, true my neighbors, you know, property the other one cross the road, but they both. I saw those standing the car me to call nine one one and my my, my dog had come looking for me to limping and stuff. So she was like such a nice person got us in the car in the van and waited in the driveway with us until the police show up ten minutes later. Popey speaking with CBC's Mike Finnerty on daybreak Montreal this morning..

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