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So i that's how i saw it. I mean the the kinda a just to layer onto a. You're both saying but maybe especially when rebecca's was noting the good thing about this moment were in is if this is not the the american movie that really juices you up just like wait for the next one to come along. You know what i'm saying. We have like three or four. Additional ones in the pipeline. And i mean whether you're talking about like you know. Ms marvel or whether you're talking about In the end the marvels right. She's on the big screen. Hilly seinfeld seinfeld is going to be in in hawkeye. Although much of explicitly being defined as asian american You've got The turtles coming. You know you want if you want your agents to be like god like just crazy situations but yeah i mean you know it's it's really amazing That we're in this moment. And i i guess part of the reason why we don't have to sweat quite as much that feeling like these don't have to be the one and only anymore. That's that's a big thing. Yeah and i. I i kinda hated that feeling of like all we have to like. You know we have to like it no matter what you know because it was the only but now that you mentioned he's not have miss more will coming out we have you know attorney and and then we could even say randall. Park aquaman humorless superhero. He's in it you know. There's an the the fact that i do. But i do feel like sometimes it's just like all. Oh if if shanxi doesn't succeed and they're gonna shut us out and i. I just don't like having that feeling anymore. And i think it's still very much a feeling i have about like if x. doesn't succeed then we're not gonna get y and z rock. We're gonna be. We're no longer going to be able to see our stories anymore but there's a scarcity mentality right sort of like this idea of like we. We only get this one like maybe people think that. That's i feel like we need to get away from that and also we need to stop holding up like this being the one that's gonna carry everything like no one film should have to shoulder that i said that again. I said that with crazy rejection. So i feel like we're a couple movies down the line. Where maybe we can we. Maybe we've sort of trained ourselves to really think like. Oh yeah they're we have room to breathe and have different kinds of stories within our community..

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