Willard Scott, 2015, NBC discussed on Wisconsin's Weekend Morning News


You believe this came by to see if you wanted to jog with me? I'm ready. Willard even got a kiss from first lady Barbara Bush about during the 1989 inaugural parade. Police made me he had a quick wit and a colloquial style and northwestern Georgia. Having some dense fog this morning. We have a little dense fog here in the studio. Occasionally, you know seriously is never going to get to the weather. Yes, we are in 2015 today celebrated Willard's retirement After 65 years with NBC. I'm going to be fading off into the sunset. Yes, sir. After 130 years at NBC, and I'm going over yonder Alright. Where's yonder? Will be under happy trails. Happy trails to you, Willard Scott. Until we meet with me again and many members of the Today team took to social media to offer condolences. Al Rocker called him his second dad and the ultimate broadcaster. Willard Scott was 87 9, 45 and WTMJ coming up Matt Polian Sports Right here in Wisconsin. Weekend morning news. This is Bob and Mike and guy from Brillo. Home Improvements. Hey, we know better than anyone that competition and remodeling business is stiff. And that's not a bad thing because it keeps us at the top of our game. You have to be. I'm all for whatever keeps us on our toes because I know our crews can cut the mustard. Heck, I'd put our guys up against anyone's No doubt about it. And you know what? That's not as close to 50 awards from Mary, but it's really not about awards. For us. It's about doing all we can to exceed your expectations..

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