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The bitcoin podcast episode number two thirty nine and I'm the first house, Mike Shinoda, and I'm host number two. Dan. I can't think of his name is black people think of any famous black people not a single one gory. Misrepresenting blackmails everywhere. Almost number to Washington. I'm host number three. Matt stone. Nice. And this is were celebrities for crypto. That's this vodkas called. He thought you're getting a big win podcast Iraq. So another holiday episode. Yep. New year episode where we don't know with overdoing this year. So we're gonna win it. Yeah. We're gonna win this guys. So I'm actually DEM teric hose number two. So just in case you Wanding. I dunno word make him predictions for the New Year's we're going to do do. I feel like we did that like last year last week. We not I don't know. I don't know. I did that on crypto cousins I listened to that. Good job grassy. Joy joy airy. Gary won't let me on the show. I'm abrasive. So the metric was the perfect guest. Was good was calm informative. Get do. You not kill the abrasive. I'm super braces. I was hoping you go fuck yourself. Go. Fuck yourself should be a cop. Maybe maybe that maybe go fuck yourself. So we have someone already on the line 'cause he opened them up. And he was here before you started the show. Yeah. Matt what's up? So gas. Were you what do you do where do you wanna know? I just got the channel mention on the slack. And I'm sitting here just in my apartment too much. I'm a Iran product management for nothing. New crypto day town acquisition start up the base in west in York City. Nice lucrative. Are you just me by are you a what is it called like longtime listener first-time caller, exactly one of those viz nice hanging out in a slide show on. Yep. Keep a low profile. What about twenty go ahead? Go you go first you started as how do you think about what do you think about twenty eight teen and us going into twenty nineteen crypto? I would I think. I mean, I'm trying to remain optimistic. I'm coming from the product perspective, obviously usability is huge for me. I work with you X zainur a lot of the products that I interact with from though the level at which I come into space from it's lacking a bit. So to me, I'm I'm kind of wondering why it so poor given the amount of attention like someone such myself provides to you Xs a whole, so I'm hoping this year is the year where you know. In addition to a lot of like, the underlying back end technology that we can start providing a little better, you X the space. What isn't that? What what do you mean by that? Like, what could you can you define what it means? That better you the. Yeah. The user experience. So when you deal with a lot of the applications lot something as simple as just a working with a wallet. I think you know, if you talk about trying to get your your grandmother, your mother, even just nontechnical friends to work. Interact with some of these applications out there they have to be pretty well versed in technical bone. So the space in at least, my friends, I work with a lot of people that are, you know, in financial services in sales. They know nothing about bitcoin. And it's completely foreign to them to try to explain you know, how private he's work. That's just completely completely foreign to them in. I think you know, if we're gonna get anywhere. We talk about like on your podcast on boarding all the time on.

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