Nobel Prize, Waco, Dr Alison discussed on Sean Hannity


Hour traffic center, pretty heavy rains down towards Galveston again today, they're drifting north and some of that action coming into the southern burbs here. This afternoon. Eighty-four degrees. Sixty percent chance of some downpours. Rich high pressure east of Florida continuing to provide a favorable flow off the Gulf and scattered thunderstorms. Just about every day this week for us. I'm Scott Lawrimore Weather, Channel, rain and seventy six on the island eighty one. Now at the top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center three oh, one our top story. A researcher at MD Anderson has won the Nobel prize. Dr James Allison sharing the award with a doctor from Kyoto University in Japan for their advancements in immunotherapy drugs. Dr Alison says he was shocked. I'm still have sort of a state of shock and awe sinking in. So he's really wonderful this boring to wake up, and my my son called me at five thirty and was the first to let me know that I won this prize. Nobel committee said the pairs research, which harnesses the body's immune system to attack cancer cells amounted to a landmark in our fight against cancer. A New Jersey man is dead after contracting a brain eating amoeba from a wave pool at a resort in Waco. According to the Waco, tribune-herald twenty nine old Fabrizio stable, nor died at the rare illness, the Atlantic City medical center officials say he came home from his vacation and was feeling sick had a severe headache that he couldn't shake and when he woke up one day was incoherent after days are being treated at the hospital. He tested positive for the amoeba known as naegleria fowleri the day before he died the SR cable parks surf resort has been shut down as a precaution. As officials test. The water swimmers can contract the infection via contaminated water that gets into. Their mouths or noses. The amoeba causes encephalitis guthman reporting, the boards of memorial Hermann health system, and Baylor Scott and white health of signed a letter of intent to merge into a massive combined system. The health systems would serve more than thirty Texas counties employing more than seventy three thousand across the state that merger expected to be completed next year. US marshals shot and killed a suspect while serving a warrant in the heights this morning. It happened near east twelfth street and studio one as you open the back door.

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