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I am doing a slow burn over here. That's what I was going. I WanNa know when the president of the United States is going to tell the house to pass this bill and And I'm looking at I'm standing up there and I know that we were twenty votes shy at the time Brown went down in the house people who said, they absolutely would not vote for the Senate bill it didn't have public option the it wasn't generous enough. We were working with Pelosi on an hour hour paces as she was trying to sway these members. Harry Reid, the majority leader was. A party to these Harry was sitting in the front row kind of towing the floor because part of being White House aide is you you are sent to these meetings to take a ritual beating when people are unhappy you are human sacrifice. You're chum thrown in the water and Harry was perfectly content and I love Harry Reid perfectly content to let me take the beating because that was my. My job but I I mean then I started doing a slow burn knowing what was happening I don't know if you remember what is would remember what I said but I said Senator Senator if you have two hundred eighteen votes in the house on a piece of paper in your pocket, I suggest you ankle across the Rotunda and give them to Speaker Pelosi. Because I don't think she has that list. And then the what did I say what I don't remember after that everything blank I remember what I, what I, what did she say? That's the president's job Oh. Yeah. I said that's what the president. Look I completely understood your. Restiveness and that of others you weren't you were a little more overt but you were speaking for a lot of people in that room at the time and I understood that from my standpoint we were doing every freaking thing we could. To try and flip the house, and as soon as we got the signed from Pelosi that she had the votes, we were GonNa do it but we had to give her the room to do what she does, but then you wrote in your book. Something I took incredible. Go. Ahead. you said that Al Franken who had been you know actor or comedian snl comic actor or something like that is a good thing. He just comedy acting because he he couldn't be in a dramatic actor because he was pretending. I don't know if I said pretend to. Say That you better off in comedy than drama. You suggested that I was putting this on. And I was not and by the way later, that night first of all other factors in this is that Obama's chief of Staff rahm Emanuel wanted to bail and go to a lesser package in which case I don't know you would've sobbed for the lesser back I was not I was that was not in for the lesser package I know. But we knew that was up in the air to I knew that, and then also that night that night the night yelled you was the night, the president announced that they were. That's exactly what he was going to do was get the votes in the House that's right. Yeah. It may have been. Yeah and what I wrote you a note do you remember the night? Do I still have the? No, it was your welco. Yes. Yeah. That was it. Yeah. No, I still have. It's a treasured heirloom of mine that I have. In my desk set let's go back to Laura. Yes. Your daughter Lauren because she's so lovely. Yes. I met her met her. Did you had dinner with us?.

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