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Was one of the biggest fans have part of the reason he was for your tarpley credits to glenn campbell and with that yeah and there's so many his going through the people i don't even know if they realized but he was elvis presley's qatar special player he was that although sessions no way over spare yes i did know every year yeah there's some really think that people don't realize they one morning on the coughed wife and a half i left capital i went cars fearing are now so proud playing dr glenn every friday and warned friday morning spike you what are you doing this afternoon while isis go back to your off his wife's consider session i'm worth what elvis today but when i worked at rca for some reason they didn't want us west coast people picker go to this fashions to see office and i told my boss about it he said you can't go the session and i was crushed this who told you about procession i i don't i don't i'm not gonna tell you if i wouldn't come out of classes take glen wonder told me pook regulars on so many though sessions it was unreal and he was also on the beach boy sashes and a lot of time who would fill in for one of the beach boys fifth great didn't have someone to do that part on the stage so again that supplemental and offering we used to call a third after we brother this six beach boy uh very here so many things if people can we are here and i remember when he first cutters appeared house in california you speak lineup on my show your house he opened up a closet the most to hit fifty your ktar's inherit qatar forever pretty different type for sessions that he did and he was just curious look at that time but humble but here's the most important thing with your show me the qatar is pretty here what is it that he was driving a new car or a big cattle aker showing often it he was just glenn down to earth quinn and i wanna compare to other artists i've worked with over the years i worked luke wayne newton wayne do the same type of course it tim mcgraw who i discovered by the way i'm so the thing how exciting how is we need and doing i.

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