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So I'm driving. To the cemetery. On Sunday morning. Uh and I get there at about 10 15 for my dad's 10 30 unveiling and there's a bunch of cars already there. My brother in law, Harry, who did a tremendous job with the service, he really did better than the rabbi can do. And my sister Orlando, my sister race, Sherry, my brother in law, Albert, They're all there. My mom was there, of course to Naomi. And, uh, I'm pulling up and it just became so surreal to me. He's been gone now just over a year, and this is really the end of the first year. Going through all the first week. I went through all of them with you guys. I got to say this audience is just filled with heart just filled with heart. Instagram at Rosenberg dot Sydney at Rosenberg dot Sydney Twitter at Sid Rosenberg, Facebook, Sid Rosenberg and of course, the show's Twitter was at Bernie and said at its Bernie and said for the Instagram, we have Facebook page as well. But I'm talking about specifically the outpouring of love for me with my whole dad saga and we want the world's first birthday this year, his first days as first that and then we get to the point on Sunday where we unveiled the stone. Basically for the last year. There's just been a, uh, you know, just one big pile of mud, you know, on dirt and nothing there, too. Will you represent my father and the unveiling on Sunday? There was a towel and all the little kids in my family, and we've got tons of them. They called my father, Poppy Poppy. So there was a towel with the word poppy over this stone. And then once the service was over, we remove the towel and there was a headstone. Harvey H. Rosenberg, Father, son, brother, Poppy. Great, Poppy. All that good stuff. But what I liked specifically about this unveiling on Sunday was While I really was dreading going there for it, because it's just so say it's still to me to this day. What I liked about it was my brother in law, Harry instead of starting off People crying and all that which had been through after the funeral On the whole year, he said. Hey, if you've got a story about poppy, then tell it now. Hopefully, it's going to be comedic because we don't want to cry again and one by one. My nephews and nieces and siblings and everybody there started telling some really funny stories or inspirational stories about my father. For example. One I I told was I told a bunch was I was playing kings Be football in Brooklyn, New York, We had a really good team. Really good team, and I was running back. Yes. Skinny, asthmatic Sydney. Rosenberg was a running back on the Redskins. That was my team. And we will play in this team, the Steelers, Dave Lab, Rosie's Pittsburgh Steelers and on the Steeler team. They had a guy playing defensive end He was probably 40 years old. I was like 10. He was like 40. I had no idea how the kid was still playing Little League football. But this kid was great. And he hit you hard. So my dad was the coach of my team. He was the actual head coach and I'm playing running back in the quarterback is a kid named Jerry Rocco. And he says, Jerry in the huddle. You're gonna pitch the ball to Sydney on the right side and Sydney, you're gonna get that football and run. I said Okay, Dad, I got it. So Jerry pitched me the football and it took about two seconds for this kid to smash me in the base. I mean, he hit me so hard. I think I made my pants. I swear to God, I'm not kidding. I'm not exaggerating. And I'm laying there and I'm like, I'm not doing this again showing up a couple of plays later, my father Harvey goes, Jerry, You're gonna pitch the ball in Sydney on the right side and Sydney. You're gonna run with that ball, then I'm like Daddy. I'm not doing I'm going to tell Mommy. You're trying to get me killed. I'm an asthmatic. I should be out there to begin with. I'm not doing it. He said son. You're gonna catch the football. You're going to run. So what happened? Same exact thing. I get the pitch out. This kid comes running. He smashes me in the face and I'm laying there on the crowned crying. I don't want to play anymore. I'm going home. And sure enough, a couple of plays later. My father goes in the huddle, and he says Jerry. You're going to pitch the ball to Sydney on the right side. Sydney. You're gonna take that football and you're gonna run. And for some reason, this time it worked because I made one move to the left. I took off to the right And 60 yards later. I was celebrating a touchdown. And I looked at my father. And I said Thanks, Pop. Thanks. So I had to quit. After the first time I got clobbered. And certainly after the second time, I got clobbered. I was ready to call my mother Mommy and go home. But my father said, give another shot. Send them with radio. You know, I've been fired so many times and suspended so many times and told I was done so many times. That I could have quit these two a long time ago. But I go back to that story with my father. Little Kings Be football. Brooklyn, New York Little Bucktooth, asthmatic Sid Rosenberg, Sydney at the time catching that pitch out and going 60 yards for a touchdown. And that was the inspiration and the love and support my father provided for me so The unveiling turned out to be a very nice morning rather than a dreaded crying mess. And now my dad has a headstone, and now we.

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