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Goldens of guns. From bozeman John Edwards, owner of Schwyz bozeman as well. Mr. Stephen Rinella, Pete Munich, the sales manager from stone. Glacier. You got is that what you do down there? I do you were a lot of hats. They gotta give you a bigger bigger business card hand, full pieces of eight and a half resumes travel around and Philip Larsen, and I don't know your title at black gold. Archery is all right now, I'm doing the design work, but I've been there for fifteen years. So I've also were quite a few hats over the years when we go visit sign were. That's all I do read off where you guys make down there. Tight spot tight spot. Quivers we do Ripcord air arrests, and then Blackhall Bo sites. And so if you've seen a black old product from any of those companies in the last ten years, I drew it. I have none of that shit on my bow. And that we're I it's awesome. Here you sit in. Here's my you know, can take my new rig over though, we're going to go over it. Yeah. We'll have to change that. You didn't help me. Get souped up though. Make sure everything was ready to excess rise. Oh, man. We can do that. I'm gonna make an accessory ising appointment, my father will be so happy. Now. He can't stand listening when he doesn't know who's talk. This'll be a much better experience. I like it because it builds tension when you can't tell who's talking. Very suspenseful. Did you guys out if you guys caught this? This is good. So dudes Dudin Florida's fishing your Clearwater, and a m a rights activist who. Is apparently coming from a protest at a fast food restaurant. So he's like he's him and his boy or leave a fast food restaurant up. Right. So he's jacked up, and he stumbles across some dude on appear who's fish, and it's got a two lap. You who's got it to laugh you like laid out on the pier. And which is funny because he's got like a non native like a deleterious exotic right like, a non native fish Costco in this, dude. Amorous guy freaks out and grabs his fish grabs deficient hawks it back in the water. And this is going to make its shirt says this because the the rights guy throws the lap you in the water and yells, according to bystanders hills. Call the police, I just saved a fish is life and the cop comes out and arrest them and finds them five hundred bucks. Dudes thing. Priority dead too. It wasn't. He wasn't doing keeping wet. If it sounds a hit Lehto laying on the pier. For my buddy Neef, I wrote him with this. This is interesting. We're doing a little boys are familiar was doing a little recap news recap things that mugs right in about people. Getting all mad about self. We said that wasn't correct. Hunter's right, especially these days is yacking up the significance of our contributions to the wildlife restoration program. Pittman Robertson fund. My buddy knee fi. Writes in and he this is some older numbers. But no one ever compiled them before they like hunters Rosiko, hundreds do all this good through excise tax is charged on firearms and ammunition. The the money that goes to wildlife, so I should back up when you by arch requirement. You buy firearms by munition sore door things even boat gas right in some marine bogus. There are excise taxes that you pay and these excise taxes go to while the restoration program. So they pay for wildlife, and it's been these programs have been funding wildlife for. Eight years to the tunes of billions of dollars. The pittman. Robertson phone is the one that comes from amunition and firearms and. Of the. Money that comes in a firearm sales dollars. So so the MO the excise tax them firearms. Only twenty percent can be assigned to hunting purposes..

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Philip Larsen, Robertson Phone, Hunter discussed on MeatEater Podcast

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