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So you're the younger one. You look a little bit smaller. Yeah okay okay. And your name is dominic dominic roger and you must be marcus. Okay spell different though but pronounced the same right. Damn joe this is gonna sound weird because your guy but yo- you guys like have like nice looking is over there right as you say we we bought we bought to boxing. So the next ryan. Garcia's i know you probably don't wanna be called him but he's the box so that we know that likes tomorrow. He's with ramban fincher. so who. Who have you guys done. Some modeling with dunaway dick sporting goods and finish line nice to major companies shot absolute. So you life. After boxing is always a beautiful thing. Well let the world know you are to boxing. Brothers right dominic marcus. And the tour. You are puerto rican born and raised or or born in here in florida. Now we're born in new york actually okay. Am i grew up. A whole led puerto rico all right so what part you that from by mom. Okay mom nice nice. I'm dominican myself. But i'm like you born here. Parents are from the dominican republic. So what got you into boxing. I mean being from new york city. It's not the same being born in an puerto rico and joining box get something. Puerto ricans do enlightened labrador in new york. There could turn into anything like you said a model. Why boxing that's the that's what it is. The oregon everybody in the family has has done at least once. So we're just the only two that really stuck to it. Okay so being from new york city where you guys are raised in new york for any amount of years before you came to florida. Because as i understand you live in florida now right we're actually born in upstate new york oh upstate. The city was all like so there was nothing like we're where we were born. We came to florida's will really like got the love for boxing. You know what i mean. And what year was that. And how were you. When i was in kindergarten. Oh so saying here. You're more floridian than anything else. You new york especially not upstate. I was. I was about to start asking questions about like you. Know what new york city fighters have you sparred with. Have you come back to new york. And then eventually you know got in the ring with any of these new york city fighters or you also exclusively training in florida. Now we've been everything's been mainly florida. I mean we fought people from new york and stuff like that but never like really out there for that. So let's let's let's at least tell the world that what are the records as amateur. I was forty one and three. And now i'm a pro one or no one echo for me. Emma charles thirty six and six and pro to to not all right so just getting started. So who is your promoter. At the time but now we're managed by split the and our promoter is pro box. Oh split to shut up. Today's mcquarters how long you been with split t for i think twenty eighteen nineteen. Oh also you do know you. You've got the chance to meet tim. I'm assuming it yeah. Yeah did he discover you or was it david. Ten homeless shot by interviews on tournaments. It nice nice young. That's a nice tattoo them. I see yeah man. Tim's a good guy. he moved on from split. See but that is a good management company. For those that don't know david -ment waters obviously has the unified champion in fema lopez. He's got a nice heavyweight out of philadelphia in sunny contro. I mean so many guys meant so. You're you're definitely in the right hands and being puerto rican. I'm sure top rank is already looking at you but no promotional situation at the moment just managerial were signed with a company here in florida for their their name is robots for promotions. How many finances that is for the next two years. We'll be with them well year and a half now because it's been almost a year and house cove had been treated the two of you. I mean where you able to mix it up and get some fights because florida's open we've been having fights. Have you been able to stay active air. We were all have one fight with them and we were supposed to be fighting this saturday but like you said dude. Kobe the fight. I cancel so it got moved to august seventh Next one's gonna be okay and would it be here in florida or complicity florida. Okay okay so have you gone to. Where do you train out of. Sorry before i even go that way. We train him. Blessed florida the actually the facility that we fight out of is on is where we drink. Okay have you ever been to orlando for some work know. Jose glossman trains. What does that ever lucien. Jim with coach. George nelson like the names of the james's by that but what's orlando train. Something that member member berlanga his fight with the do from philadelphia. He was training in florida. That jet yeah. Oh you've been there then koo koo koo. So what way. Classes are you forty. Seven twenty six. How long you hold that forty. You'd think he'd be a world champ at forty seven or you think you're going to grow and end up before before you forty seven..

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