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The Courtney Campbell causeway Howard Franklin. It's clear into downtown Tampa. Now, what thing to keep in mind on Gandhi, east of the bridge. Lots of construction between west shore, Dale, maybe we are seeing delays Springer NewsRadio WFL a. Temperatures very slow to cool to the evening with a Southwind which will pick up the overnight period. We'll call it. Partly cloudy and humid seventy-five heading into your Friday. We'll track as a cold front slides in that'll bring a lineup potentially strong to severe storms after one PM on Friday. High temperature eighty one cooler for your Saturday, low sixty one with a high of seventy three sunshine through Easter weekend. Southwest winds twenty to twenty five knots gusting to forty knots on the water with a small craft advisory. I'm news channel eight meteorologist. Ed bloods worth. This is Stacey on her motorcycle. This is Stacy off her motorcycle color on her motorcycle. Motorcycle at federa not exodus on. Now, you're better on your bike basic policy starting at seven dollars a year today at progressive dot com. Progressive casualty insurance company will bring ability states add up with an extra twenty percents off Stephen women's spring dresses and kids. Dressy attire Easter homecourt is fifty to sixty percent off plus an extra twenty percents off. Plus, take an extra ten dollars off your fifty dollars or more home sale purchase. Plus get cold cash right now at Kohl's select styles. Twenty percents off valid April eighteenth or twentieth. Promo code bunny home offer valid eleven to twentieth code hometown. Some exclusions apply. These company deal. Premiered on April. First nineteen sixty three. It was set in the fictional town of poor Charles in upstate New York and focused on the lives and loves of the staff working at the town's General Hospital and this week in two thousand twelve we lost a legend, dick Clark, TV personality and producer best known for hosting American. Bandstand, passed away at age eighty two in Santa Monica, California, the clean cut youthful looking Clark dubbed, America's oldest teenager. Also was the longtime host of the annual New Year's rocking eve and headed and entertainment empire that developed game shows.

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