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Four hundred zero chasing a bit group, FD j chasing bit really not many sprinters left in tool. After as I described yesterday, the bonfire of the sprinters in the outs, Michael share was a loss writer out in front Tony, but he was caught with around six kilometers to go inside the final Columbia Phillips. You'll bear quickstep tried to take a flyer. Look pretty good for a short while, but the peleton was right back on them. And then sprint finish really was between the four best sprinters left in the race and pizza gone one. It was closer than you might have expected. Again onto Christopher nano tomorrow. We're very close together with John Duggan cobaine fourth and Greg government. In fifth, that is pizza gone. Eleventh, two of the front stage win. It means now level with Andre gripe point the list of all time, stage winner. One behind example, Roby McEwen and Mario Cipollini and three behind Kissel still some way off Eddy Merckx thirty four even comedy. She thirty, but I was looking back at his state wins over the years. He's been second twenty one times in a tour to FRANZ quite an extraordinary statistic, and third, ten times that just shows you know how kind of consistent is the only other notable thing from the results is eights. Bow, Dominica, parts of evil, all off the back in a group that lost nearly a minute and a half. Not that has a great deal of impact on the but notable no changes. Overall, Thomas still in yellow peaches. Again, eating green three hundred ninety eight points. He's got two hundred and twenty eight points ahead of Alexander Kristoff alpha leave. Is still in the king of the mountains, jersey PL tour who is from Roman series is still in the watchos. -i just one small point to make since you kept correcting our spurring of Steven k yesterday, is it Michael share is is is Swiss German? So it should be Michele share, suppose. It was just it was just to make a point. Well, where's RAV hearts when you need them? The pronunciation police. I mean, they're everywhere. So a tweet tweet do tweet us correcting. Yeah, nobody encouragement. The big news overnight on it was too late far. Last night's podcast was Vincenzo Nibley and we all saw him fall on this or Rana. We didn't see him full, but we saw him on the ground having fallen. And he was on the ground for a while chased to within thirteen seconds of front group, which was really a remarkable performance 'em balut quite badly hurt on the ground, and he clearly was badly injured because he was taken to hospital in Grenoble before scan which revealed fractured vertebra. So he he is the tour, hey, how mean what? A strong ROY to get back to within touching distance of that group. There was a whole debate will surely Niba leash should have the same time as a group that. He was in when the incident happened this morning, everyone was still trying to work out what happened. And I spoke to borrow Meritas sports director Virga Rick. Can you clear up what happened to engender Niebler outdo as yesterday space motorbikes, bussing on the left sites, and they were actually giving the security, but what they tried to did, not that complaining about this. But for that reason in chainsaw need to go more on on the side of the roads close to the public and what's happened happened. So think I say that the single from from a camera strap from camera on a camera, twenty eight hundred dollars. Exactly. And also. Self didn't exactly know what sapping what is so quickly. And so but afterwards you can. You can see it on on some image that you find on the net change everything for for the team. So you lost your leader. We need to think on another way, but we are still, you're also the guys with evaded them also show to win chance that he had a strong team around him that the goal that year was coming to the tour that team will support him. And now it's up to them to show that that we all still there when he hit the ground quite badly her, but then he almost caught the group. Again, it was an incredible ride. I mean, did you hope maybe he's okay. Yeah, that was my main thing. So I, I knew that he went to the Patel to do some extra extraordinaire, whatever..

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