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During that time I was at Don Myers coaching academy. Let's go, and I met a guy named Aaron Christian and that actually was the connection kind of started me overseas. So at the time, it was all college basketball until the opportunity came to get over seas. And from that point forward, it was like, you know, hey, I'll go over for a year and come back and, you know, I'm still a litter. Okay. So your first one was, was was Germany, though, wasn't it? Yeah. I went to a third division team in Chemnitz Germany and I in Germany. And I actually have looked this up, right? Is that the is that the us Austrian border that's over close to so it's actually closer towards Czech Republic at forty kilometers from the Czech Republic border. But in that region. Yes. I'm doing the climate's thing that you, do you actually when you're in the states, do you still do kilometers. Or do you do miles mile and people call me? Hey disguise to six centimeters. You know, I still have to say, okay, got sick nine six eight you know like that. That's still working, those American foul numbers for sure. Okay. So this is like two thousand one two thousand two right? You, you go to chemists Chemnitz Germany, you get third division. Like, what, what is you land, a, you couldn't make much money? Right. I mean you. Yeah. I maybe to the okay there's, there's a job. Did you just pick up the phone call? Like, how did it how did it take place? Yeah. So I didn't know much about the job. I didn't know much about the situation. I just knew I wanted to be a head coach and I thought like, oh, I'll go overseas for one year via head coach get some, you know, international networking done and come back to college. So I really knew nothing about the job going in my friend, Aaron Christian who was from Portland, Oregon his he was an assistant coach for Brad, Barbara at evergreen state, and this, this coach Barbara had recommended the coach that was at cabinet that year a guy named Kobe matinee, who wanted to go back home to San Diego, and they offered the job to my friend Aaron but Aaron also had an offer to go to university of Portland as the director of basketball operations will him and his wife were from Portland. So he said, hey, I'm going to go here. Enter knew that I was interested in overseas stuff and had codes some overseas travel teams and things. And he's like, hey would you be interested in it? So I jumped at it. And like you say when you land, you know, this is you know what? Almost twenty years ago. You're in east Germany. And life is different. So the culture shock in the in the first four, four months or so difficult. But, you know, like, like, I like to say the people we, we made it our NBA we turned it into our NBA. We made it really important weaving like new, the saying frosty Westerlund you make the big time where you are. This is really what we tried to do with it. And I've still to this day have so many wonderful memories of that. Let's say low level overseas style basketball in terms of you. Hop in the vans. Drive six hours. You play a game. You know, go to McDonald's or Burger King you ride back all night. And you know, then some of the guys full-time pro some of the guys are part time couple of guys are students who just piecing it all together. So, so it was really a great learning experience. I got a chance to coach. I got a chance to, you know, make some steaks and learn and grow and develop and really, really look back fondly with a lot of happy memories from those time, you it's funny is. There. There are pro a team now. Right. They've like they've you've grown up they've grown up. And yeah. So, you know, the funny thing is this year couple of months ago like they had a great season. They lead are like I we're in the league you know, they, they let our, our legal years, the top team. And, you know, we had also high expectations, both organizations had the same.

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