Bob Johnson, Mr Biden, AOC discussed on Red Eye Radio


They've gone too far they're too extreme at some point that faction of the party has to make a choice even in their unanimous vote to condemn trumps tweet it was complete chaos right by the way I believe this is how you get still while his numbers have been diminished this is how Biden still stays at the top because of the Henry quasars because of the Bob Johnson because of the Democrats who see their party for what it is to what extent I don't know because Mr Biden's gonna have to get through the primary first I think where is eight and of anyone with things like him are now a minority I I I believe it's a plurality I think it's a plurality that that backs AOC and and I I think then you have it basically split between the moderates that are laughed and those that are more left is and just say well who's going to do our bidding better and so they lean more towards a L. C. than they do quay are or a Tim Ryan or anybody else's because you're still an extremely far left party they may not be a socialist communist as the clueless squad is but they were extremely far left their X. there there are strong and they want a lot more yeah socialism in the average American what's by our by our standard the Republican Party is too far left yes yeah eight six six ninety right I.

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