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Jay white from new Japan pro wrestling here, the end amazing match against Okada at wrestle kingdom. Thirteen watched live. I actually think it's the best matches ever had. And we actually did this interview the day after the Tokyo dome event in Japan. You're the story about the radio contests J one in New Zealand that sent him on all expenses paid vacation to wrestlemainia in Atlanta two thousand and eleven that let him get into wrestling. He's also talking about coming up with the new Japan Dogo learning to speak, some Japanese wide WB is really not on his radar. He's getting a big push. Right now, especially with the. The defections? I guess you'd say of Cody Rhodes in the box. We don't know what the future of Kenya. Maga's? We know the future of j white is is going to be in -sconsin, the new Japan made have seen for a long time. And of course, we're talking about his match against juice Robinson last November. That knocked Jim Ross out of his broadcasting chair and broke his ribs, literally all those stories and so much more. Let's get going here. Enough of my yacking right now talk is Jericho switchblade. Jay white. All right after Russell king of thirteen one of the big stars of the night. Jay white is here. And we were talking about the matches yesterday as to how you feel. Did you feel? Okay. Yeah. Well, yeah. Fisa, thanks for having me. But yet feel right? Doug done longer big matches. So your body's feeling all right in terms of that yesterday, though. Like from what I've seen in the last year that I've been that might have been might have been the best match. I've seen you in. Are they could have been like a helpless been in there with a with a guy. Like, oh, I of course, which they usually goes without needing to be said, but yeah, it was a as fun, and I think ED's that as well. As with at such a long up for it almost a year ago and more intensely over the last couple of months, so that helps to oversee just make it that much bit without new inasmuch as you know, snow thirty minutes or anything like that. It's really interesting when you see how how how how ghetto books here..

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