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If you're looking for someone with ties to the organization which the bruins love, but also a guy that's younger enough that can check off the other boxes in terms of what the bruins are looking for in terms of refresh voice, a guy who built a very strong reputation for himself. For himself, I think that's definitely someone you have to look at as Jay leitch. It just seems to make the most sense in terms of the bruins come from factor of having someone who's been within the organization and then you look at what he's done over his years in Providence, whether it's hoping along some of these other younger players, like Jackson, Jacobs boro, Oscar scene, Frederick, all these guys that he's kind of personally coached over the years that maybe he helps them reach the next level in their respective careers up at the NHL level. And not just the fact that the individual prospects that he's coached, but I think the thing with Jay leitch is why he was such a highly organic coach down the AHL level is that the results were always there. His players almost always were ready to start on time. They really didn't have extended lulls during the AHL season. We're always a model of consistency even for a team that didn't necessarily have the most stacked farm system. They were always ready to play always structurally sound effective. So again, he's very good coach. For what he could bring to this team and what kind of that next chapter is for this team moving forward. So I definitely wouldn't put it past them. Looking in the guy like leech and feeling he kind of checks off all the boxes as to what they need. So pretty, I would say probably a pretty safe bet that Jay leach is the favorite as of right now for the bruins head coaching job. And speaking of safe bets, might as well talk about our great partners over at bet online. A partners at benign continued to be the number one source for all your bet needs in sports.

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