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Maybe we should all log off and go do all those things but we also hope that tonight's conversation is one of those things that nurtures our brains and unlocks possibility. I am so grateful to our guest. Conversationalist tonight casper ter. Kyle and erica william simon as well as our conversation moderator. Ben yeshua davis. I'm so great full to each of them for stepping into a place vulnerability and honesty tonight. I also want to express gratitude to our office manager. Kay ahmed who will be recording and posting. Today's event on our website and the center is executive director. Allan ewing narrow who will be managing security in the chat box throughout our event as well as leading a grounding ritual to get us started allen. Thanks nicole. I want to offer my own words of welcome. We're so glad of all the things you could be doing tonight like watching cnn or preferred news station that you have chosen to be with us tonight and we're really glad and really to have you with us. Casper and erica. Thank you so much for being here tonight. A little grounding ritual just to kind of set a kind of set the tone for our evening. And before i do that i wanna just you know. It feels important to name this moment that we're in as we gather tonight it's a moment that brings with it. Some emotions maybe. You're feeling some of those. This moment some of you may be familiar with the writing of bishops stephen charleston who is a retired american episcopal bishop native american. He served the episcopal diocese of alaska in the early mid ninety s and then For a time was the dean of a piscopo divinity school so writing on monday Sort of a an important moment. He he should these words here. We are sitting in the waiting room of history both observers and participants at the same time. He wrote it is good to be together in times like this because times like this have never been before we are about to open a door a door we can pass through only once and then a new journey begins the shape of things before us revealed and then he uses these three four phrases to describe the emotion of the moment. He says how strange it feels the anxiety of knowing of excuse me the anxiety of not knowing the whole of believing the calm center of faith the nervous edges of anticipation about you but i really resonate with these words and i love those phrases the anxiety of not knowing the hope of.

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