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The mother of that boise since scientific tests of parentage are notoriously unreliable actual conduct a simple experiment which i think they give us the truth in this matter now i want both you'll natives to come taught me it with outstretched hands that's it i turned down the gaslight over the man oh so oh all right all right if you look closely you'll know this object is a perfectly harmless plumbers smoke what's on the cases home is another you up to you will notice that on the clio fire ms hedh is ran for her handbag containing the ten thousand pounds lady donnington instinct to the rest of her son i think all downington but there can no longer be any question of the child's parentage midnight in a long day own yes but profitable watson a very profitable days where can use a thousand get is not telling didn't and uh don't overlook the twenty pounds that mr tremain john mccain you hoover take you end up by sending him to the gallows faith the tea richly deserves i only wish i could have persuaded lord downington to prosecute miss had his black male is a devilish crime i think the plumbers rocket smoked up true yes though he will remember i've had occasional use the instrument the paul when a woman thinks our houses on fire her is it wants to rush to the things she vangelis most it's a perfectly overpowering instinct on sunday took advantage of the fact watson you made remember the old fashion saying there's danger for him who take up the tiger cup and danger fall who so snatches delusion common woman who will only has watson there's as much sense in half is as in hearts and this much mileage of the world.

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