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Dave Johnson. Hey, on the Iceland capitals on the same page, a three two one over Edmonton didn't list a head coach Peter levy led. We did a good job tonight to try and push it and trying to control the game. And so when you want to do that, you have to have everybody on board, and I thought tonight was really complete. They were on the same page and the game would and the third, in fact, there was a capital's first lead of the night. Baseball winner meetings nationals general manager Mike Rizzo has been told by the learners how much he can spend. Yeah, we've got payroll clarity and we're marching ahead with our blueprint and our plan for this off season. We've got scheduled a lot of things that we're trying to get done here and hopefully we can do something here or shortly shortly thereafter to improve the club. That's a good phrase. Payroll clarity, if you're a manager, you don't want to give somebody a race. I'm sorry. We just don't have payroll clarity anyway, but he does, apparently, but not spending the kind of money that Phillies are spending trade Turner 11 year $300 million deal. Yeah, he's back in the division. Tom Brady. Does it again? Two passes in the final two touchdown pass in the final three minutes, Buccaneers rally for a 1716 win over the saints. Hey, the commander is going to be playing on Sunday Night December 18th against a giant chip moved into prime time head coach rob Rivera. I think this opportunity is awesome. I really do. First of all, it's the national stage. It is the big stage. One third of the U.S. population is on the eastern seaboard and so we know they'll all be tuned in. See, there's your geography lesson for today and a little geography Maryland's on the road in the Midwest against Wisconsin tonight. They put their undefeated record on the line. Dave Johnson. Dave 8 17 now, police officers who defended the U.S. capitol on January 6th will be honored with congressional gold medals today. Top House and Senate leaders will present them with Congress's highest honor, almost two years after they fought with rioters in the attack. When President Biden signed the legislation last year, he set a medal will be placed at the Smithsonian, so all visitors can understand what happened that day. The medals will also be placed in three other locations at U.S. capitol police headquarters, the Metropolitan Police department, and at the capitol. A former volunteer firefighter has been sentenced for his role in setting four vacant homes on fire in Maryland. West lanham hills volunteer firefighter Jeremy Hawkins learned yesterday he'll serve 30 years in prison with all the time served suspended. Hawkins was found guilty for his role in setting homes on fire between December 2019 and January 2020 with four other firefighters and two civilians. The others have already been sentenced. No one was hurt in the fires. Coming up after traffic and weather more on these top stories we're following for you this morning. A preliminary report from the national transportation safety board says the pilot of that small plane that crashed into a Gaithersburg power tower did not follow air traffic controllers instructions before the crash. Metro wants to return to automated train operation and automated doors next year. It's election day in Georgia, polls are open, a runoff there will decide whether democratic incumbent senator Raphael were not keeps his Senate seat, or if Republican challenger Herschel Walker succeeds in unseating him. Stay with WTO for more on these top stories in just minutes. It's 8 18. Traffic and weather on the 8s and let's go check back with Jack on the traffic center. All right, the better news from travelers and Bethesda on the outer loop we had reports of a crash as you went down past river road headed toward the legion bridge possibly near the ramps for the cabin John sounds as if though we've got two broken down trucks, a safely off the roadway, both left and right side so lanes are open, but it was very slow getting down to the bridge. We had had major slowdowns on the interloop trying to come out better merrifield. There was a wreck on the inner loop up near the George Washington Parkway, all that activity is gone. Now it just kind of seems like you're crossing the bridge into Maryland with speeds beginning to pick back up again. We'd had major delays, Virginia into the district and in the district on the freeway trying to access the third street tunnel. Two crashes, the one on the outbound side, if you will, three 95 going south, leaving the third street tunnel out toward main avenue. That's where we've got activity at the beginning of the ramp to get on to main avenue in that far right lane. The through lanes on the freeway are open, this incident had been back near 6 and 7th street only the left shoulder had been getting by, so we've made major improvements there. The inbound stretch, if you will from Virginia, headed on to the eastbound freeway, there was a crash near south capitol street. That had been in the left lane. That is gone. East capital street in your central avenue, there we'd had reports of a crash, Alaska avenue at 16th street northwest, you'd been under police direction around that crash. Going in in Maryland Bethesda, Clara Barton Parkway down near the district line, we'd had reports of a crash, major delays in Frederick with the crash in the intersection of liberty road of monocacy boulevard. He will find we've still got some slowdowns as you ride in Virginia three 95 north, off and on from Springfield, the entire ride toward the inbound 14th, again, good news on the freeway that eastbound crash is gone. Georgetown pike, the common ramp to get onto the inner loop, there we've got a crash along the right side of the ramp. Johns Hopkins cancer care in the greater Washington area with renowned cancer experts in our community, including its sibling and suburban hospitals. Find out more. Had Hopkins cancer D.C. dot org, excuse me. Jack Taylor WTO traffic. Mike's

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